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Area: 1586.3 Km2

Population: 1.860.447 people

Statistic Issue date Quote
54/BC-UBND 04/06/2021 Socio-economic situation in May and the first 5 months of the year, tasks for June 2021, Thai Binh province
933/QD-UBND 09/04/2021 On promulgating the Plan on investment promotion in 2021, Thai Binh province.
180/QD-TTg 08/02/2021 Investment policy of the project for construction investment and infrastructure business of Lien Ha Thai Industrial - Urban - Service Park (GREEN iP-1) in the North subdivision, item: industrial park, Thai Binh province
33 /BC-UBND 09/04/2021 Socio-economic situation in the first quarter, key tasks in the second quarter of 2021
28 /BC-UBND 05/03/2021 Socio-economic situation in February and the first 02 months of 2021
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