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Breakthrough in marine economic development Part 4: Making a breakthrough in the maritime economy

Thai Binh Economic Zone is built according to the model of an integrated, multi-sectoral, dynamic, efficient and sustainable economic zone associated with green growth, conservation and promotion of the value of marine ecosystems, historical and cultural relics. The economic zone is expected to become a driving force and key economic development area of the province and the Southern Red River Delta region.



Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power Plant.

In the current period, a number of industrial zones (IZs) in the coastal area have been formed, which are of great significance, demonstrating Thai Binh's determination in socio-economic development, striving to successfully implement the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress. Typically, Lien Ha Thai Industrial Zone has a total area of ​​over 588 hectares, phase I located in Thuy Lien Commune and Diem Dien Town, Thai Thuy District. Total investment capital for infrastructure construction and business projects is about VND 3,885 billion, of which the investor's contributed capital is VND 600 billion; the implementation period is 50 years from the date of issuance of the decision on investment policies. According to the plan, this is a multi-sector and high-tech industry general industrial zone; the industries prioritized to attract investment include electricity, electronics, information technology, computer software, mechanical industry, machine assembly and manufacturing, automation, automobile industry, supporting industries, industrial services, processing industry, production of consumer goods, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, functional foods and production of high-tech medical equipment, etc.

Those are industrial production sectors that bring high economic efficiency and are environmentally friendly. In addition to its prime location, convenient traffic connections by road, waterway and air, Lien Ha Thai Industrial Zone also has a large industrial development land fund with more than 400ha; infrastructure is invested and built synchronously and modernly. On September 1, 2021, the Provincial People's Committee granted  investment registration certificates to secondary investors in Thai Binh Economic Zone including: Lotte Vietnam Co., Ltd., Greenworks Vietnam Co., Ltd., Jeanson Industrial Limited; On November 26, the signing ceremony of a memorandum of understanding on investment cooperation took place between Ohsung Vina Co., Ltd. (a member company of Ohsung Display Co., Ltd.) and Green i-Park Joint Stock Company - the investor of Lien Ha Thai Industrial Zone infrastructure, etc. According to the calculation of the planning consulting unit, each year this functional area will contribute over VND 430 billion to the provincial budget and create regular jobs for about 50,000 employees.

In order to successfully implement the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, from 2021 to 2025, Thai Binh will strive to basically improve the economic zone's infrastructure, ensure it is relatively synchronous and promote the attraction of industries with advanced and modern technologies that cause little environmental pollution; shape the development of modern and civilized coastal urban areas, associated with functional zones accounting for 18% of the economic zone's area. In addition to the two thermal power projects that have been being completed for commercial power generation, there are a number of investors registered to research and develop wind power, of which one investor has been granted an investment certificate for the Tien Hai wind power plant project phase I with a capacity of 40MW and total investment capital of nearly VND 2,000 billion. A number of large and key projects (Thai Binh 1 and 2 Thermal Power Plants, Amonium Nitrate Plant, Ham Rong gas project...) have been facilitated by the province to deploy; a number of projects have been completed and put into production and business operations stably, bringing high economic efficiency, creating a breakthrough in growth and economic restructuring of the province.




Comrade Pham Ngoc Ke, Chairman of People's Committee of Tien Hai district

Over the past time, Tien Hai District has closely coordinated with departments and branches to direct the district’s specialized agencies to hold dialogues with people to promptly solve, remove and create consensus on land handover and quick site clearance at the coastal road and road 221A; focus on solving bottlenecks and difficulties, handing over the site to the construction unit in accordance with the plan. When completed, the routes will enhance the ability to connect traffic with neighboring localities, meeting the needs of travel, cultural exchange, economic development, tourism, ensuring security and defense, especially meaningful to the development of Thai Binh Economic Zone in particular and the province's socio-economic development in general.


Comrade Pham Van Chung, Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Thai Thuy District


For Lien Ha Thai Industrial Zone, Thai Thuy District identified this as a key project of the province, creating a great impetus for local development, so the District Party Committee and the District People's Committee have mobilized the whole political system to propagate and mobilize the people to understand the role and importance of the project and well implement the regulations of the State, soon agree to hand over the site to investors. Up to now, the site clearance for the project has been completed, thereby creating favorable conditions for early handover of the site to investors in the Industrial Zone.



Mr. Nguyen Quang Dinh, Cam Dong Hamlet, Thuy Lien Commune, Thai Thuy District

I strongly agree and support the Lien Ha Thai Industrial Zone project, this is a big project of the province, of great significance in Thai Binh Economic Zone, becoming the growth engine of the province in the coming time. Over the past time, my family as well as other households whose land is recovered has actively coordinated with the authorities to take steps to clear the site and agree to receive compensation when the land is recovered by the state. The consensus of our people will create conditions for investors to soon deploy industrial zone infrastructure, and at the same time attract secondary investors to invest in industrial production, develop services, and create jobs for local children as well as people in the province..






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