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Change in Dong Hung new rural district

After 10 years of implementing the national target program on new rural construction, especially in the period of 2015-2020, Dong Hung has "put on a new appearance", material and spiritual life of the people has been clearly improved.

Industrial production contributes to promote socio-economic development of Dong Hung district.

This year, over 70 years old, witnessed the change of the homeland since the construction of the new rural area, Mr. Vu Huu Viet at Le Loi 2 hamlet, Dong Xuan Commune, as well as many people in the village were excited. Mr. Viet said: Thanks to program of new rural construction, people can travel on spacious concrete roads, spacious schools with full equipment, so the quality of teaching and learning is increasing. Especially, trade and development services are the conditions to promote the economic development of the commune. In Dong Xuan commune, when starting building new rural areas, officials and people still have a lot of concerns. However, after only 4 years of implementation, the commune has been recognized as a new rural commune, by 2019, all criteria of the advanced new rural commune will be completed. Mr. Vu Van Hung, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the People's Council of Dong Xuan Commune said: Since the new rural construction up to now, Dong Xuan has mobilized over VND 200 billion to invest in infrastructure construction. Thanks to the support of the people, the commune has completed concreting 12 km of in-field roads, 18 km of rural roads and constructing many welfare works. Per capita income has reached over 70 million from 35 million in 2011. The rate of multi-dimensional poor households has decreased to less than 2%.

Phu Luong commune, which used to be a poor commune of Dong Hung district, is now one of the localities that has attracted businesses to produce and create jobs for more than 300 laborers, contributing to helping people here changing from agricultural production without moving away from the homeland. Mr. Nguyen Minh Duan, Director of Lan Phu Labor Protection Production Co., Ltd. (Phu Luong commune) excitedly said that: Enterprises in localities invest in production, thanks to the new rural construction, the roads are more spacious, convenient for vehicles. Mr. Nguyen Trong Bat, Chairman of Phu Luong Commune People's Committee, said: The roads are concreted and expanded, so the convenient travel attracts businesses to invest in the commune, develop production, create more jobs for people, contributing to the economic development of the commune. There are currently 3 operating garment and footwear enterprises. In addition, the concreted internal roads have served effectively for agricultural production, so the locality has no status of abandoned fields.

The imprint of the movement of new rural construction not only exists in Dong Xuan commune or Phu Luong commune, but in all localities in Dong Hung district, showing in all areas of life. More than anyone else - the beneficiary of the achievement of new rural construction program, is well aware of this positive change. Teacher Do Thi Loan, the Principal of Dong Linh Preschool, Dong Quan Commune said: Immediately after finishing the target, the commune's new rural construction program mobilized more resources to invest in building a spacious, clean and beautiful kindergarten, meeting the standards, creating good conditions for improving the quality of kid teaching.

Stepping into building a district of new rural program with a low starting point, but with the close and drastic guidance of the Party committees and the authorities from the district to grassroots levels, the positive response of people of all strata made a breakthrough, achieve important results. Up to now, Dong Hung has mobilized nearly VND 4,000 billion for new rural construction, of which VND 918 billion has been mobilized from enterprises, contributed over VND 460 billion by people, organizations and individuals. In 2019, complete the new rural construction of commune-level and district-level, one year earlier than the set target. During 10 years of implementing the new rural construction program, the district has invested in upgrading more than 1,200 km of rural roads up to the prescribed standards; basically upgrading the local bridges and culverts. 100% of village roads will be concreted conformable with the standards of new rural program. The traffic and irrigation in the field are also concreted for convenient transportation and production of people, ensuring irrigation, drainage and natural disaster prevention. The district has mobilized to build, upgrade and repair 75 schools with 833 classrooms and functional rooms, the percentage of schools meeting national standards is increasing.

The new rural program not only brings a new face to the villages but also contributes to the development of production, prosperous life, civilized villages and democratic management. This result strengthens people's beliefs in the leadership of the Party and is the premise for Dong Hung to strive to achieve and exceed the targets set by the Resolution of the 6th District Party Congress, term of 2020 - 2025.

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