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Creating a breakthrough for rural industry to develop

Over the past 10 years, many enterprises and rural industrial foundations in the province have accessed the industrial promotion capital resources. The industrial promotion program has promoted enterprises to apply new scientific and technical advances, improve the efficiency of production and business activities, preserve and develop traditional occupations, and protect the environment.


Being supported from industrial promotion capital resources, Thien Thuan Electromechanical Private Enterprise invests in a modern machine system for production with high economic efficiency.

Lien Hanh Company Limited (industrial cluster of Vu Thu township, Vu Thu district) specializes in processing rice and producing fresh vermicelli, dry vermicelli and noodle, instant noodle with ViOne brand. Being supported by the Department of Industry and Trade from the national industrial promotion program, the Company has invested more than 20 billion VND in equipment with color shooting machines in service of rice processing for export and a closed production line for the automatic production of dry vermicelli and dry rice cakes. Thanks to modern machinery and production technology, the quality of products has been improved, highly appreciated by domestic and foreign markets. Each year, the Company supplies nearly 10,000 tons of rice and millions of fresh vermicelli and instant noodle products to the market, ViOne instant vermicelli brought the revenue of nearly 400 billion VND.

Mr. Tran Huu Hanh, Chairman of the Board of Members of the Company said: In addition to supporting investment capital resources, the industrial promotion program also helps transfer science and technology to master machinery and technology, and train workmanship for laborers; this is really an important source of support to help enterprises overcome difficulties, confidently innovate and develop.

The closed line for automatic production of dry vermicelli and dry rice cakes of Lien Hanh Company Limited is supported the investment from industrial promotion capital resources.

Not only Lien Hanh Company Limited, over the past 10 years, in the province, there were 947 enterprises and rural industry foundations that have benefited from industrial promotion policy with a total support budget of nearly 72 billion VND from national industrial promotion and local industrial promotion sources. The models of technical demonstrations, technology transfer and application of modern machines, scientific and technical advances in industrial and handicraft production have helped enterprises increase productivity, product quality and improve the competitiveness in the market.

Mr. Ngo Quang Van, Director of Thien Van Mechanical Joint Stock Company (Thai Thuy district) said: Although Thien Van’s motorcycle and bicycle rim products have just been born, they quickly penetrated the market and dominated the trust of partners, customers and consumers thanks to beautiful designs, high quality, and reasonable price. This is possible thanks to our investment in modernizing the production line with practical support from the industrial promotion program.

In order to help enterprises and rural industry foundations develop and integrate, in recent years, the Center for Industrial Promotion - Industrial Development Consulting (Department of Industry and Trade) has focused on supporting vocational training, vocational transmission and workmanship improvement for the employees. There have been 15,520 rural employees trained in occupations of industrial sewing, maintenance, repair and operation of agricultural machines... In particular, the Center also supported the development of typical rural industrial products and improved the management capacity for rural industry foundations

Ms. Tran Thi Dien, Deputy Director in charge of the Center for Industrial Promotion - Industrial Development Consulting said: From 2012 - 2022, we have organized training to improve management capacity, start businesses, organize production, enhance business ability for 3,593 managers and leaders of enterprises, foundations and cooperatives of rural industry production. After the training, the entrepreneurs have improved their legal awareness, built ideas, made business plans, analyzed potential customers, competitors, marketing plans, standardized the production process, created a breakthrough in production and business development. In addition, the Center also organized training for rural industry foundations on electrical safety; food safety; process of implementing cleaner production in industry and trade villages with a total expenditure of more than 10 billion VND.

Looking back over more than 10 years of implementing the industrial promotion program, Mr. Tran Ngoc Phuc, Deputy Director of the Department of Industry and Trade affirmed: From the “priming capital resource” of the state, which was invested and supported for the right objects, right contents and supervised closely, it has attracted great resources from enterprises, production and business foundations to invest in the development of the rural industry area. Among the total of nearly 382 billion VND mobilized to implement 466 industrial promotion programs and projects, the reciprocal expenditure of enterprises and rural industry foundations was nearly 310 billion VND. This is a significant resource for investing in rural industry development, promoting the shift of economic and labor structure towards industrialization, modernization, sustainable poverty reduction and enhanced new rural construction in the localities.


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