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Development of concentrated commodity agriculture


The key task in agricultural development in the coming time is to develop large-scale commodity production along the value chain associated with processing activities. In the photo: Processing agricultural products for export at Thanh Nhan Agricultural Products Processing, Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (Quynh Phu).

Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress for the term of 2020-2025 defining the focus on planning production areas and organizing production in the form of cooperation, association, and the formation of new-type cooperatives to develop large-scale commodity production along the value chain associated with processing and consuming products of enterprises is a key task to focus on leading and directing in the coming time. These are the major and important orientations to promote the development of concentrated commodity agriculture, so all levels and sectors, especially the Agriculture sector, have concretized and proposed appropriate and realistic solutions to implement them effectively.

Specific targets

In order to bring the Resolution to life, at the beginning of 2021, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has implemented key tasks; in which, the organization of learning and grasping the Resolution is carried out expeditiously, seriously, drastically renewing both the content and the method, ensuring it is suitable for each level and each object. Focus on developing and promulgating the action plan of the Department to implement the Resolution, which identifies agricultural development towards international integration, adapting to climate change, enhancing added value and developing sustainability associated with building a prosperous and civilized new countryside; industrialization and modernization of the fields of agriculture and fisheries, development of key products. 

The whole industry strives to 2025, the production value of agriculture, forestry and fishery is estimated at 30,639 billion VND, the average growth rate of 5 years in the period of 2021 - 2025 will reach 2.0%/year or more. High quality rice reaches over 50% of the area; rice seed production area reaches 3,000 ha/year. The area of ​​winter crops is about 44,000 ha/year, forming large-scale crop production areas, focusing on a number of strong crops such as corn, potatoes, vegetables... about 17,000 ha, 14,000 ha of fruit trees; striving for the production value from fruit trees to reach over 500 million VND/ha/year, flowers and ornamental plants to reach over 600 million VND/ha/year. For the livestock sector, the total pig herd is estimated at 1 million heads, the poultry herd is over 13 million heads; total production of live meat of all kinds is over 350,000 tons/year. The total area of ​​aquaculture is about 9,700ha, the output is estimated at over 275,000 tons; in which to expand and develop forms of high-tech intensive farming.

To renovate the forms of production organization, the Agriculture sector strives to propagate and support the development of more than 150 cooperative groups, establish more than 40 agricultural and fishery cooperatives; 2 - 3 unions of agricultural cooperatives under the Law on Cooperatives 2012. Build and replicate models of agricultural cooperatives that operate effectively in association with production and consumption of products in a sustainable value chain; mobilize over 90% of agricultural cooperatives to participate in production chains associated with local consumption of agricultural products.

Suitable solutions

According to Mr. Dinh Vinh Thuy, Member of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, in order to achieve the above goal, Party committees, authorities at all levels and branches need to focus on leading and directing the synchronous implementation of tasks and solutions. Based on actual conditions, especially the advantages of the locality, concretize into specific programs and projects for appropriate and effective implementation. In particular, attaching importance to propaganda to raise awareness of Party committees, authorities at all levels, officials, party members and people about the meaning and importance of the development of concentrated commodity agricultural production in order to exploiting and promoting the potential and advantages of each region and locality, improving the productivity, quality and value of agricultural production, ensuring the sustainable development of agriculture, contributing to raising incomes for people.

In fact, it is impossible to develop sustainably on the basis of agricultural production without planning, so the planning and formation of specialized and large-scale production areas facilitate the application of scientific achievements and technology into production must be one step ahead. In the field of crop production, the Agriculture sector has planned three commodity production areas: a priority area for farmers to produce according to the household model with the support and guidance of specialized agencies; areas for farmers who have the ability in capital, knowledge, skills and production experience, organize farm-style production with a scale of less than 50 hectares as satellites to cooperate with enterprises; inter-village and inter-commune commodity production areas, attract enterprises to invest in production by industrial methods, apply modern science and technology. In the field of animal husbandry, promote the construction of concentrated areas, ensure biosecurity in the form of large-scale farms, modern technology, and encourage enterprises to develop active livestock production according to a closed process. Make plan for conversion of inefficient rice-growing low-lying areas to freshwater aquaculture so that the whole province has 26 concentrated freshwater aquaculture zones; review, adjust and supplement the development planning for intensive brackish water shrimp farming, super intensive farming, advanced technology.

Recognizing the important role of enterprises in the development of high-tech agriculture is indispensable, so investment and trade promotion activities in agriculture continue to be promoted. In the new period, the Agriculture sector advises the Provincial People's Committee to pay attention to direct and have special preferential policies to strongly develop the processing industry, product consumption, and support cooperatives to become an important driving force for development of commodity agriculture. Enhance investment in infrastructure in concentrated agricultural production areas; expand the scale of development of key products and local specialties under the program of one product per commune.

The development of concentrated commodity agriculture is the right policy and in line with the current trend, so it is necessary for the participation of both the political system and the consensus and support of the people. With the high determination of the Agriculture sector and localities in successfully implementing the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, term of 2020 - 2025, we believe that agricultural production will create new breakthroughs, make important contribution to the province's socio-economic development in the coming period.



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