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Dong Hung: Speeding up site clearance

Over the years, compensation and site clearance support has always been concerned by the Party Committee and Dong Hung district government. Many works and projects in the district have been implemented as scheduled, contributing to attracting investment, promoting socio-economic development, and improving people's living standards.



Thanks to good propaganda and mobilization, most of Dong Hung people support the projects and hand over the premises soon.

The work of compensation and support for site clearance when the State recovers land is always a complicated issue, requiring the attention of all levels, sectors, organizations and individuals. Determining that, Dong Hung district has requested Party committees and authorities of communes and townships to focus on solving difficulties, obstacles and problems; strengthen propaganda of the Party's and State's guidelines and policies on compensation, support and resettlement so that people can voluntarily comply as well as participate in monitoring the implementation of compensation, support and resettlement policies. Promoting democratic regulation, performing well the mass mobilization in land clearance with the motto "People know, people discuss, people do, people inspect" right from the stage of project announcement and implementation. At the same time, promote the role of party cell secretary, head of hamlet, and head of mass organizations. At each project, the district organizes to publicize the planning and land use plan on the radio system, at the headquarters of the People's Committee of the commune, town, village cultural house, and residential group where the project is implemented. The application of prices and announcement of compensation prices for land clearance is carried out in the spirit of publicity and transparency to ensure the interests of the people. 

Mr. Vu Anh Tuan, Director of Dong Hung District Land Fund Development Center said: In order to do well in compensation and site clearance support, the most important thing is that the staff in charge of site clearance need to regularly improve professional qualifications, firmly grasp the provisions of the law, along with that must be persistent and skillful. Families and individuals who do not understand and have not yet complied with the policy of compensation and support for site clearance, representatives of functional agencies of districts, communes, villages and reputable people in residential areas come to propagate, mobilize, and repatriate. If the first time is not successful, it will be done for second time, for third time... Since then, people have agreed, trusted and supported, so many projects in the area have been implemented on schedule. In the past 4 years, Dong Hung has implemented 113 projects, the area of ​​land recovered is nearly 54ha; the total cost of compensation and support is over VND 87 billion for 1,319 households and individuals. Currently, the district is focusing on clearing land to implement the investment project to build a road from Thai Binh city to Nghin Bridge with an area of ​​over 55.6 hectares of land recovered from 1,176 households and individuals in 10 communes (in which it is mainly agricultural land of 1,145 households with nearly 54.86ha; residential land of 31 households with over 0.71ha), 62 households in 5 communes are considered for resettlement arrangement. Up to now, the district has approved the plan to compensate and support 40.07 hectares of agricultural land, accounting for 74% of the recovered area with a total cost of over 44 billion VND; Phase 1 has organized to pay compensation and support to households and individuals over 42 billion VND. Localities are focusing on tally of assets, plants and animals on the area of ​​residential land and converted land; tally the construction of traffic, irrigation in the field; survey residential land prices to hold people's meetings, agree to submit applications for approval of residential land prices. For the resettlement area, the district has agreed on the location in Dong Xa, Dong Xuan and Dong Vinh communes. Dong Hung strives to hand over the premises to the investor for agricultural land in mid-June and residential land in the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Besides the achieved results, the work of compensation for site clearance in Dong Hung district also encountered many difficulties. The reason is that the organization of compensation for site clearance of projects is not really flexible and scientific. The management of land and construction at the grassroots level is still loose and has not been resolutely handled, while the situation of land encroachment, change of purpose, illegal construction of works... leads to the approval of land acquisition dossiers as a basis for compensation, support and resettlement faces many difficulties. Along with that, some households and individuals, after many times of propaganda, explanation, advocacy and public dialogue, still deliberately petitioned and complained about not receiving money and handing over the premises despite the method. The compensation and support project has been correctly and fully calculated in terms of volume and quantity, ensuring the correct regime and law. 

In order to overcome the inadequacies and difficulties, speed up the clearance of works and projects, in the coming time, Dong Hung district will continue to strengthen the leadership role of the Party committees, authorities and responsibilities of the head of the locality or unit; effectively promote the emulation movement "skillful people" in propagating and mobilizing households and individuals, creating consensus in the implementation of compensation, support and resettlement policies. To publicize and transparently implement mechanisms, policies and procedures; regularly dialogue, answer the opinions and recommendations of the people, promptly solve the arising problems. Consolidate the apparatus for land clearance work; resolutely transfer work, handle responsibility for officials who lack the sense of responsibility, are not enthusiastic, and do not complete their tasks... 



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