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Efficiency from the environmentally friendly rice growing model


In the spring crop of 2021, the Provincial Farmers' Union implemented an environmentally friendly rice growing model (SRI) to contribute to increasing productivity, reducing investment costs, and protecting land and water resources.


Environmentally friendly rice growing contributs to the protection of land and water resources. Documentary photos

Mai Thi Nham's family, Duyen Phu village, Phu Luong commune (Dong Hung) is one of 6 households in the commune participating in rice cultivation by SRI method. Her family planted 5-star TBR225 rice variety. Ms. Nham shared: The same rice variety, but applying the SRI method, the yield and quality are both higher than that of the traditional method. And cultivating this method, my family does not have to spray pesticides or insecticides in spring 2021, the amount of seed is halved, the transplant is sparse, it requires less water, less care, and the yield is still from 2. 3 - 2.6 quintals/perch, higher than the same crop in 2020. In the next crops, my family will continue to apply the SRI rice growing method.

Like Mrs. Nham's family, Mr. Nguyen Viet Kha's family, from Minh Duc village, Quynh Tho commune (Quynh Phu) also participated in SRI rice cultivation. Mr. Kha said: In the spring crop of 2021, my family planted more than 5-star Japanese DS1 rice variety applying the SRI method. Since joining, I have been trained by the Provincial Farmers' Association on how to use multi-functional microbiological fertilizers, transplant young seedlings, transplant few branches, manage water, weeding mud... for rice growing and developing. Thanks to that, my family has significantly saved the cost of pesticides, money to buy seeds, but the economic efficiency is not less than in previous years.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thanh, Director of the Agricultural Service Cooperative in Phu Luong Commune (Dong Hung) shared: As soon as we assessed the effectiveness of the SRI rice transplant model in the commune, we consulted with local leaders to replicate this model in the next rice crops, and at the same time build a mechanism to encourage farmers to participate. If this method continues to be applied, after only 3-4 years, the quality of the water source will be restored, the soil will be restored, the residues of pesticides will be gone. The cooperative will plan to build a commercial rice growing area, ensure food hygiene and safety, without residues of pesticides in order to improve the value that rice brings, step by step strengthen and build the brand of Thai Binh rice.

Ms. Bui Thi Nga, Vice President of the Provincial Farmers' Association said: To implement the SRI rice transplant project, the Provincial Farmers' Association has actively searched for businesses to support capital, seeds and fertilizers for farmer members. The Provincial Farmers' Association has developed a propaganda plan and opened 15 training courses, transferring science and technology on SRI rice transplanting to more than 1,500 members in 4 communes: Phu Luong, Hop Tien (Dong Hung), An Ap , Quynh Tho (Quynh Phu). Propaganda content, focusing on methods and basic notes when farmers participate in SRI rice growing. Through grasping at the grassroots, the rice cultivation area of ​​the households has grown well, people appreciate that this method brings higher economic efficiency than traditional methods such as: saving seed resources, water, takes little care and does not use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, but only uses microbial fertilizers; average rice yield is from 2.3 to 2.5 quintals/perch.

From the effect that the SRI rice transplant model brings, in the coming time, the Provincial Farmers' Association will organize knowledge training for 20 key staff at the grassroots to foster knowledge for farmer members; establish SRI rice growing cooperative group to ensure stable output for members' products. Coordinate with businesses to build a support mechanism for households participating in the project, gradually expand the area of ​​SRI rice cultivation, contribute to protecting land and water resources, and build Thai Binh rice brand.



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