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Exploitation of advantages of economic zones to create momentum for development

Planning and putting 5 concentrated industrial clusters into operation. Completing the planning of Tien Hai town and its vicinity and strongly developing the service, tourism and trade industries, attracting investment in high-tech and information technology industries. This is one of the key solutions in socio-economic development set forth by the Resolution of the Party Congress of Tien Hai district.


Exploitation of advantages of economic zones to create momentum for development


To realize these solutions, Tien Hai district is focusing on improving the competitiveness of enterprises and industrial and handicraft products; encouraging, creating conditions and supporting enterprises to deploy infrastructure construction of industrial parks and industrial clusters; stepping up the attraction of industries in the direction of increasing the proportion of industries with high technology, low impact on the environment, and industries serving agriculture; and improving the efficiency of gas use, prioritizing the development of key industries with competitive advantages such as production of ceramic tiles, construction porcelain, fine art porcelain, agricultural and aquatic product processing, food processing industries, energy, and electronics.

According to the plan, the subdivisions in Thai Binh Economic Zone include: 11 urban - industry - service zones, 2 seaport zones, 3 urban areas, 6 tourist areas, and concentrated service areas. In the immediate future, Tien Hai district is focusing on clearing the ground to create a clean land fund, prioritizing the planning of industrial zones and clusters in line with the planning orientation of Thai Binh Economic Zone, and mobilizing resources to invest in building synchronous and modern socio-economic infrastructure.


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