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For the comprehensive development of Industry and Trade

Implementing the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, including the goal of striving for the proportion of industry, construction, and trade and services in the GRDP to reach 80% or more by 2025, the Department of Industry and Trade has soon implemented many solutions to bring the Resolution into life, comprehensively developed the industry and contribute to speeding up the province's socio-economic development.



Manufacture at TAV Vietnam Co., Ltd (Nguyen Duc Canh industrial park, Thai Binh city).

Mr. Tran Huy Quan, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade said: In order to fulfill the targets of the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress set out in the field of the Department's management, the whole industry strives to produce value by 2021 industrial output must reach VND 143,950 billion, an average growth rate of 15.9%/year; total retail sales of consumer goods and services reached VND 75,000 billion, an average growth of 10.1%/year. Export turnover reached USD 2,350 million, an average growth of 10%/year and import turnover reached USD 1,965 million, an average growth of 9.5%/year. This is really a heavy task in the context of many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and the disruption of the global supply chain. The Department of Industry and Trade determined that, in addition to political determination, the whole industry must focus and persevere in performing well the four key tasks and solutions set forth. 

One of the solutions with a breakthrough in development is to accelerate the restructuring of the local Industry and Trade industry in association with the renewal of the growth model. Accordingly, in the industrial sector, focus on restructuring production industries, accelerating the shift to increase the proportion of high-tech and technical industries, making great contributions to the state budget and causing less pollution to the environment. Actively enter into joint ventures and association with multinational corporations to gradually participate in global supply chains and value chains. Renovate industrial promotion activities, improve the quality and effectiveness of industrial promotion programs and schemes, actively contribute to the encouragement and development of rural industrial production establishments. 

For domestic trade, the Department of Industry and Trade actively restructured the wholesale and retail network towards modern civilization, meeting the increasing demands of consumers. Stepping up the attraction of investment in wholesale markets and large-scale retail establishments in urban areas, and promote the function of distributing wholesale channels for people's markets. Developing various types of markets: night market, food market, tourist market. Choosing to develop supermarkets, convenience stores, retail points in tourist areas and spots suitable to the scale and needs of tourists. Actively implementing regional linkages, strengthen cooperation with localities to promote goods circulation; organizing trade promotion, participating in fairs and exhibitions, building and promoting brands for goods in the province. The Department of Industry and Trade also cooperated with the agricultural sector to implement the project of one product per commune (OCOP), building Vietnamese selling points, introducing OCOP products; developing the domestic market in association with the implementation of the program to bring Vietnamese goods to the countryside and the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to Vietnamese goods". 

In order to promote export of goods, in addition to market orientation, the province's key export industry, the Department of Industry and Trade also implemented timely solutions to remove difficulties for businesses, develop export support services. Guide businesses to implement and take advantage of opportunities that free trade agreements bring; promote the application of e-commerce in production and business activities, promote product and business brands... 

Currently, in the province, there are 45 industrial clusters (CCNs) established with a total area of ​​2,380.7 ha; in which 41 clusters have been detailed planning with a total area of ​​1,723.7 ha. In order to promote the effectiveness of industrial parks, the Department of Industry and Trade has reviewed and assessed the current situation and advised the Provincial People's Committee to direct the attraction of infrastructure investors; accelerate investment in construction of centralized wastewater treatment plants of CCNs to be eligible to receive and attract secondary investors. Orientation of industries to attract investment in industrial parks and industrial clusters; actively promote and call for secondary investors, prioritize the selection of projects with modern equipment and technology, high added value, great contribution to the budget, environmental friendliness, and land use. Being economical, efficient and using fewer laborers. Develop a network of centralized logistics zones to provide synchronous distribution logistics services.

Supermarkets and convenience stores are becoming the main distribution channels for goods.Supermarkets and convenience stores are becoming the main distribution channels for goods.

In order to serve industry and commerce to develop stably, the Department of Industry and Trade has advised the Provincial People's Committee to plan the development of energy sources in the direction of synchronous, reasonable and diversified types of energy; prioritize the exploitation and use of renewable energy, new energy, and clean energy. The Department of Industry and Trade shall direct and have a mechanism to encourage enterprises to use energy economically, efficiently, and protect the environment; strengthen energy audits. Invest in renovating and upgrading the transmission system to meet the needs of production, business and safe electricity supply; building a smart grid system. Striving that the ratio of energy saving to total final energy consumption compared with the normal development scenario will reach about 7% by 2030; reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy activities from 15 percent by 2030, to 20 percent by 2045. 

In the next 5 years, the whole Industry and Trade industry will emulate to improve the quality and effectively use human resources in association with promoting innovation, application and strong development of science and technology; Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of state management, promoting digital transformation are also important solutions to realize the goals set out by the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress.

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