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Having a good spring crop

These days, local farmers in the province are focusing on harvesting spring rice. Thanks to the use of quality rice varieties, planting in the right time frame, good forecasting, pest prevention and control, and promoting the application of scientific and technical advances, the spring rice crop was evaluated as a comprehensive success.


Most farmers have the same comment that the spring crop is a comprehensive crop in terms of both yield and selling price.

Quality seed, concentrated season

According to the Sub-Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection, the spring crop of 2021 marks a major turning point, the most decisive of this year's rice crop, which is the proportion of high-quality rice varieties reaching nearly 50% of the total. Sowing area (38,000/76.273ha) including varieties: Bac Thom 7, T10, RVT, N97, Japanese rice... is the year with the highest area ever. In addition to the popular rice varieties, which have been stable for many years in localities such as BC15, Thien Uu 8, TBR225, T10, Nep 97... the spring crop of 2021 also affirms the superiority of the new rice variety BC15 for resistance to blast. This not only helps the average yield of the whole province to be high, but the selection of quality varieties, good resistance to pests and diseases, suitable for consumer tastes and markets also helps to change the value of the province's rice commodity.

Mr. Dinh Vinh Thuy, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said: In addition to focusing on the main rice varieties, the spring rice production season is also consistent with the recommendations of the industry. As a result, spring rice blooms are concentrated from May 10 to 15, in favorable weather. This facilitates good disease management and control, and quick harvest. In general, in the whole province, pest developments are low and actively controlled.

The weather is favorable for harvesting, the rice is in season, so the joy is reflected in the smiles of the farmers. Talking to us right in the newly harvested rice field, Mr. Nguyen Duc Son, Dong Vinh commune (Dong Hung) could not hide his joy when this spring crop, the rice yield was higher than expected. Mr. Son affirmed: Just counting the number of bags of rice that has just been taken out of the harvester, I can be sure that this crop will reach over 2.2 quintals of dry rice per pole, higher than last year's spring crop. Not only the crop, this year the rice has less pests and diseases, the investment costs are reduced, so the profit increases by about 200,000 VND /perch. In this crop, I transplanted 20 samples, the profit increased by about 40 million VND.

Promote the application of scientific and technical progress

The spring crop of 2021 is also the crop that recorded the highest planting area by machine ever, reaching 8,066.7ha (equivalent to 10.6% of the total cultivated area), nearly double that of spring 2020. Meanwhile, districts: Dong Hung, Kien Xuong, Quynh Phu have a high planting area by machine. Not only expanding the mechanization of the sowing stage, according to the General Department of Cultivation and Plant Protection, the province has about 3,000 hectares of rice mechanized with spraying.

Mr. La Quy Thang, Head of Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Dong Hung district said: With the aim of promoting mechanization in agricultural production to help reduce pressure on labor and seasonality; promoting models of centralized production linkages on a large scale; At the same time, promoting the application of science and technology to production, helping to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the spring crop of 2021, Dong Hung district built 16 new seed production models (BC15 has a blast resistance gene, VNR20) by the method of sowing trays by machine with a scale of 5ha or more, the total area reached 174.12ha. Planting area of ​​the district this spring crop reached 2,500ha, equal to 22.3% of the total cultivated area. Realizing the superiority in efficiency and productivity from this advanced method of sowing, more and more farmers register to transplant by machine directly with the owner of the transplanter. It is expected that this crop, the area planted by machine in the whole district will expand to about 3,000ha.

In the spring crop of 2021, the whole province has 164 large fields with nearly 4,000 hectares of rice linked and consumed with companies and businesses. In addition to production support mechanisms, localities have focused on building a number of advanced production models: saving water for irrigation, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, spraying pesticides by plane, single-variety rice fields, using one-time fertilizers, microbial organic fertilizers... thereby contributing to changing the production methods and commodity thinking of farmers...

Most farmers have the same comment that the spring crop is a comprehensive crop in terms of both yield and selling price, so the profit of rice production has also been increased significantly. The success of the spring crop will contribute significantly to the growth of the agricultural sector in 2021, and at the same time ensure national food security in the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic.



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