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Hung Ha: Attracting investment, expecting to prosper

With the goal of building the locality to become a key economic region in the North of the province, Hung Ha district actively deploys solutions to strengthen the investment attraction in industrial clusters, making an important contribution to promoting socio-economic development.


Viet Nam Plummy Garment Company Limited (Hung Nhan industrial cluster) creates jobs for 1,200 employees.

Located at the Northern gateway of the province with many arterial traffic routes running through such as highway 39A, Thai Binh - Ha Nam expressway, La Tien bridge, provincial roads DT.452, DT.453..., Hung Ha district determined the goal of rapid shift of economic structure in the direction of strongly developing industry, trade and service. Accordingly, the district has issued a project of developing industry, trade and service for the period of 2021 - 2025, with an orientation to 2030, focusing on planning strategic areas and promoting advantages in transportation, creating motivation to call and attract the investors to the area.

Dong Tu industrial cluster (Hung Ha township) with an area of ​​nearly 64 hectares has attracted 12 businesses to invest in multiple industries. Hung Binh Garment Joint Stock Company (Dong Tu industrial cluster) is producing products: trousers, jackets, blazers, skirts, etc. to export to the US, Europe, Japan and Korea with an output of 1,800,000 products/year, revenue reaches 5.5 million USD/year, created jobs for nearly 450 employees with salary from 6 - 8 million VND/person/month.

Mr. Bui Van Dien, Director of the Company said: When investing in Dong Tu industrial cluster, we found convenient transportation, abundant labor resources, suitable mechanism, quick and airy land lease and project deployment procedures, so it was very convenient for the company to develop. During the implementation of the project, the Company has always received active attention, support and favorable conditions from the governments and functional sectors of the district.

In rural area, industrial clusters have created jobs for nearly 5,000 employees, contributing to shifting the rural labor structure and improving people’s living standards.

Ms. Ta Thi My, finishing team of Hung Binh Garment Company said: Since the district planned to build the industrial cluster in the area, we have had many opportunities to choose the suitable professions to meet our own demand without needing to go to another province to find a job. Currently, our work is very stable, the salary is nearly 8 million VND/person/month, all regimes of the workers are ensured.

As one of the 100% foreign-invested enterprises, since being put into production, on average, Viet Nam Plummy Garment Company Limited (Hung Nhan industrial cluster) produces nearly 100,000 products of trousers and shirts every month to export to European and America countries..., creating stable jobs for 1,200 employees.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Trung, Chairman of the Trade Union of the Company said: The company was built on an area of more than 5ha, including 5 workshops, 24 lines operating at full capacity. In particular, with a favorable geographical position plus abundant labor resources, the Company’s revenue in the following year is always higher than that of the previous year. In the process of construction and development, local government always creates favorable conditions in implementing administrative procedures as well as creating space to expand the production.

Up to now, Hung Ha district has 6/11 industrial parks put into operation with a total area of 282.8 ha, attracting 46 investment and investment registration projects, in which 39 projects are in production and business activities with total registered investment capital of over 1,990.44 billion VND, total realized capital of nearly 1,125.11 billion VND; the occupancy rate of industrial clusters reached 52.17%. In addition, Van Lang industrial cluster is completing the zoning planning scaled 1/2000 with an area of 70ha; Bac Son industrial cluster has an area of about 70ha. The district proposed to add 3 industrial clusters including Viet Bac, Dong Do and Do Ky to the development option of industrial clusters of the province; research and propose Thai Phuong, Kim Trung, Minh Tan logistics industrial parks; complete the dossiers and submit to the Provincial People’s Committee for approval of the construction investment policy of the Center for Motor Vehicle Registration and Commercial Business of An Phu Hung Trading Service Company Limited (Thong Nhat commune); project of Hung Ha hot mineral commercial tourist urban area in Duyen Hai, Tan Tien, Doan Hung communes with a scale of 78ha, total estimated investment of about 700 billion VND.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan, Director of the Center for Development of Land Fund and Industrial Clusters of Hung Ha District, said: Determining that investment attraction is a breakthrough in the district’s socio-economic development, we have advised the district to focus on investment in synchronous infrastructure; together with infrastructure investors to call for secondary investors, giving priority to businesses with high technology for investment. With newly built industrial clusters, guide the investors to implement the construction of synchronous infrastructure in accordance with the planning from traffic roads, pavements, water supply and drainage, telecommunications, production areas, commercial and service areas, wharf areas, fence walls, environmental treatment areas... to organize large-scale production with high efficiency, without affecting the living environment of residents. We commit to accompany and remove difficulties for businesses through drastically directing the implementation of site clearance, creating a clean land fund to attract investment.

With synchronous solutions, the attraction of investment in industrial clusters in Hung Ha is expected to prosper in the coming time, contributing to creating jobs, improving people’s incomes, and gradually shifting the economic structure towards industrialization and modernization.

Toan Thang Company Limited (Dong Tu industrial cluster) promotes initiative and creativity in production; improves qualifications and skills, creates a competitive atmosphere for workers.


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