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Hung Ha: Promoting the building of OCOP products  

Implementing the program of one commune one product (OCOP), Hung Ha district focuses on developing products with characteristics, advantages and brand names of each locality, contributing to opening up the opportunities for linkage in building production chains under sustainable direction. However, up to now, the whole district has only 5 products that have been evaluated and graded 4-star OCOP products. Well aware that the building of OCOP products will awaken the potential, develop the agricultural and rural economy, the district has issued a mechanism to support each commune and township that has not yet built an OCOP product with 100 million VND/product , thereby creating momentum to complete the set goals. 


Product of cocooned sweet potato of Mr. Nguyen Tien Manh’s family, Hoa Binh commune (Hung Ha).

In the spring crop of this year, the cooperative members of the agricultural service cooperative of Diep Nong commune expanded the cultivation of more than 85 hectares of peanuts. Due to favorable weather and timely control of pests and diseases, the entire peanut area in the commune developed well, achieved the productivity of about 4-5 quintals/sao. Harvested peanuts are sold fresh at the field to traders with the price of 14,000 - 18,000 VND/kg. After deducting costs, each sao of peanut gives farmers a profit of about 3 - 4 million VND. The effect from peanut cultivation will be a favorable condition for the locality to gradually successfully build OCOP products from this key crop plant.

Mr. Ngo Quang Tu, Ngu Dong hamlet, Diep Nong commune shared: Peanut products of Ngu Dong hamlet are only in the stage of being sold fresh or sun-dried products, but have not been dried by modern machines, and have not yet approached supermarkets, clean vegetable stores, therefore, the value is not high. It is hoped that when there is a support mechanism from the district, our peanut farming industry will have the opportunity to develop sustainably, successfully build specific local products, thereby expanding the consumption market.

At present, the agricultural service cooperative of Diep Nong commune also orients to build millet and mushroom products to become OCOP products in the coming time. Ms. Nguyen Thi Luong, Deputy Director of the cooperative said: When there is a support mechanism of the district, we will invest in drying frames to help people reduce their labor; at the same time, train farmers to produce according to the process of ensuring food hygiene and safety; improve designs, promote product brand names and complete the document procedures for appraisal. The successful building of OCOP products not only develops production and enhances product value, but also actively contributes to implementing the program of building advanced new rural areas in the locality.

In Hoa Binh commune, the agricultural product production and processing foundation of Mr. Nguyen Tien Manh’s family is currently producing 3 main items including fried corn, cocooned sweet potato and pomelo pulp to make sweetened porridge. On average, each year the foundation consumes over 300 tons of agricultural products of the locality, sells over 350 tons of finished products, creates stable jobs for 30 - 40 employees with an average income of 4 - 7 million VND/person/month. After deducting expenses, the profit is about 300 million VND/year. These are products selected by Hoa Binh commune to build and develop OCOP products in the coming time.

Mr. Nguyen Van Luong, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh Commune said: With the support of the District People’s Committee, we focus on investing in equipment for the foundation to serve the stage of processing the products such as grain separator, cold store... support to improve designs, packing, stamps, traceability; build raw material areas and implement a food-safe production model to change the production thinking from fragmented and small to concentrated, large scale, especially chain linkage, form a commodity zone to ensure the supply for the foundation.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Manh said: These are all products of the hometown, so I want to develop the brand name to increase income and consume the products for people. However, in the production process, we still have many difficulties such as: the workshop area is small, modern machines have not been invested in production, therefore, the mechanism of the district likes a new wind to support and promote us to continue to increase the value of products that meet the standards of building OCOP product of the foundation.

According to OCOP program plan for the period of 2022 - 2025, Hung Ha district strives to have 30 products meeting OCOP standards, in which 10 OCOP products are recognized 4 stars, 5 OCOP products are recognized 5 stars. Therefore, the promulgation of a mechanism to encourage farmer households and cooperatives to pay attention to process improvement, promotion of the application of science and technology in production and processing, and improvement of product quality and design to be recognized OCOP products is necessary.

Mr. Pham Van Binh, Head of the District Office of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: In addition to the support mechanism, the district continues to promote propaganda about OCOP program; encourage subjects to bravely invest in production and develop advantageous products of the locality. Besides, accelerating the shift of structures of crop plants and livestock, forming key commodity production areas, creating sustainable raw material areas for product processing, and creating conditions for the development of production according to the value chain; applying science - technology and accessing new markets through 4.0 technology. For products issued the certificates, the district strengthens the coordination in management, popularization and trade promotion, brings OCOP products to participate in fairs and exhibitions inside and outside the province.

The support mechanism of Hung Ha district is expected to become a lever to encourage and stimulate demand for production to develop in order to increase in quantity, quality, type and increase the value of agricultural products and commodities, promote economic development, contribute to maintaining and developing traditional products of the hometown to new height.

Packing stage at the agricultural product processing foundation of Mr. Nguyen Tien Manh, Hoa Binh commune.


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