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Hung Ha strives to build and develop a sustainable urban area

In order to build and develop a sustainable urban area, Hung Ha district firstly determines to have a synchronous, modern, convenient, efficient and safe technical infrastructure system. Therefore, the locality has strengthened the implementation of many measures to strive for the construction and sustainable urban development.

Hung Nhan Town (Hung Ha).

According to Mr. Dang Quang Tu, Chairman of Hung Nhan Town People's Committee (Hung Ha): The locality has strictly instructed the observance and implementation of the planning approved by all levels. Accordingly, implementing the policy of making the planning for expansion of administrative center on the basis of the existing campus; planning and using land appropriately to meet the requirements of construction of urban residential areas, roads, corridors, sidewalks, trees, drainage systems, public lighting systems, creating accents for urban areas, creating landscapes along the Thai Su and Sa Lung rivers. Regarding traffic, renovating and upgrading a number of roads, investing in completing the road and waterway transport system; investing in building internal roads in the town; calling for investment in building wharves and ports along the Red River. The locality also invests in building a separate waste water drainage system. Building pumping stations, pipelines and concentrated waste water treatment areas in the west of Dang Xa area bordering on the Red river dike and in the industrial cluster of the town. Strengthening environmental sanitation inspection, proposing all levels to move Cau Nai brick factory. Collecting daily waste for disposal at centralized landfill. At the same time, perfecting the power supply system to ensure the supply of electricity for production and daily life; Enhancing decorative lighting for the central area. Perfecting the clean water system, ensuring all conditions for commerce, services and people's life.

Hung Ha Town (Hung Ha).

Mr. Nguyen Van Thu, Head of District’s Economic - Infrastructure Department added: Hung Ha town and Hung Nhan town are in the planning of the Northwest urban development area of ​​the province. At the same time, there is a full potential of sustainable urban development to create a motivation for the district's overall socio-economic development. In recent years, the District Party Committee, People's Council, District People's Committee and the Party Committee, authorities and people of the two towns have devoted resources to invest in developing framework technical infrastructure associated with urban development as planned. The Party Committee, the government and the people of the two towns have concentrated resources on investing in upgrading and renovating urban infrastructure in a synchronous, modern, focused direction, especially many projects have been completed and put into use, which not only gives the two towns a new appearance but also contributes to promoting economic development, improving the material and spiritual life of the people. Specifically, Hung Ha town invested 26 works with a total investment of 89.9 billion VND, of which 20 technical infrastructure projects and 6 cultural infrastructure projects were invested; Hung Nhan town invested 14 works with a total investment of 68.8 billion VND, of which 10 technical infrastructure projects and 4 cultural infrastructure projects were invested. However, the urban infrastructure of the two towns currently does not meet the criteria for urban area of type IV. The investment in construction of urban infrastructure has not created a highlight of urban architectural space; the investment in infrastructure is not synchronized; allocating investment capital is still scattered, not creating a motive for strategic development, etc.

According to Mr. Thu, in order to develop a sustainable city towards building a smart city, the tasks set out in the coming years require the two towns to focus on leading, directing and mobilizing investment resources, technical infrastructure to meet requirements of rapid and sustainable urban development. Therefore, Hung Ha Economic - Infrastructure Department has consulted with district leaders to focus on directing the implementation of some solutions such as: Party Committee of two towns to develop specific programs and plans, clearly identifying the contents required to focus on leading, directing and thoroughly grasping the policy of building and developing urban technical infrastructure according to grade IV urban criteria in order to create consensus, unity and high determination throughout the Party. Promote propaganda and extensive dissemination of the policy on fast and synchronous development of technical infrastructure system in the town to raise awareness of officials and people. Based on the master plan of socio-economic development, district planning and branch and sectorial development plannings, Hung Ha and Hung Nhan town People's Committees will focus on reviewing, adjusting and supplementing the general plannings of town construction, ensuring feasibility, synchronization, modernity, unity and coherence among plannings. Strengthen State management on planning. Strictly publicize the planning publicity, minimize the adjustment of the planning. Making plans for investment in upgrading and renovating technical infrastructures must suit the ability to balance investment capital sources and attract investment capital sources of other economic sectors in the concentrated and key direction and able to create motivation to promote economic development. Strengthen the direction, urging, inspection and supervision of implementation in the process of investment and development of infrastructure works. Implement solutions to increase budget revenue to create sources for development investment. Strictly comply with the provisions of law on planning management, urban construction order management. Restore the order and discipline, overcome the loss of beauty, the order of the road bed, the roadside, environmental sanitation, embellish the urban landscape, create a spacious and clean appearance for the town. Build a civilized and modern lifestyle. Actively implement administrative reform, focus on administrative procedure reform in the field of planning, land management and construction investment management. Deploy some contents of smart cities to apply science and technology to all socio-economic development activities. Thereby step by step raise the competitiveness and improve the quality of the people’s life, successfully implementing the construction and sustainable urban development work.

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