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Inspection to combat IUU fishing in Thai Thuy district

On the afternoon of May 17, the inspection team of the Provincial Steering Committee on combating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing had a meeting with Thai Thuy district on the implementation of the recommendations of the European Commission (EC) on combating IUU fishing in the district.


Comrade Dinh Vinh Thuy, member of the Provincial Party Committee, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee on combating IUU fishing spoke at the meeting.

In 2021, the total seafood production in Thai Thuy district reached 58,974 tons; and will reach over 60,000 tons by the plan 2022; By the end of the first quarter of 2022, the fishing output reached 9,700 tons, reaching 70% of the same period in 2021. By May 2022, in Thai Thuy district, there are 417 vessels and boats engaged in fishing activities. Currently, 297/417 fishing vessels have been granted fishing licenses according to regulations; 152/160 vessels installed with cruise monitoring equipment; the number of fishing vessels with expired subscriptions, loss of cruise monitoring signals accounts for a high proportion (as of April 30, in the district, 129/152 fishing vessels have lost cruise monitoring signals); 148/160 fishing vessels were granted with food safety certificates; and 230/294 fishing vessels have been inspected for technical safety and allowed to operate.

Through the actual inspection at a number of communes, towns, Tan Son fishing port, Border Control Station in Diem Dien port border gate, the inspection team assessed that the combating of IUU fishing in Thai Thuy district still had many limitations such as: the management of fishing ports has many loopholes; the opening of Tan Son fishing port (class II fishing port) has not been announced, leading to some fishing vessels of the district unable to dock at the port to load catches; the rate of fishing vessels that often lose their cruise monitoring signals is still high; the management organization of Tan Son fishing port has not been able to control fishing vessels entering and leaving the port,  and control the output of aquatic products loaded and unloaded through the port according to regulations; Some fishing vessels intentionally violate IUU fishing but are still allowed to dock and fish at sea.

The inspection team emphasized that combating IUU fishing and removing the EC's yellow card are particularly important political tasks of the province; therefore, Thai Thuy district needs to mobilize the whole political system from the district to the grassroots to focus on thoroughly handling the limitations. In which, focusing on propaganda, advocacy, raising awareness of fishermen, organizing signing commitments in implementing EC recommendations on combating IUU fishing; and improving the management and supervision of fishing vessels entering and leaving the port. It is strictly forbidden to fish at sea for shipping vessels that are violating 14 articles on combating IUU fishing. The district needs to develop a plan to organize a peak wave to implement and correct the combating of IUU fishing in communes and townships; urgently develop a plan for dredging the access channel to Tan Son fishing port to ensure its feasibility, allocate funds for infrastructure investment to announce the opening of a class II fishing port according to regulations; and actively allocate funds to support fishermen in maintaining the operation of the cruise monitoring equipment of shipping vessels.

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