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It is required to coordinate closely with investors, based on the consensus of the people to well perform the site clearance; and social security

On the morning of May 8, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, a delegation of the Government and leaders of Thai Binh province visited and inspected the investment, construction and operation of Thai Binh Economic Zone.


Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and the delegation of the Government heard report of the leaders of Thai Binh province on the transportation planning of Thai Binh province in the 2021-2030 period and the sea encroachment plan. Simultaneously, the field survey was carried out at Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park in Thai Binh Economic Zone.

Reporting to the Prime Minister and the delegation of the Government, Mr. Ngo Dong Hai - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee emphasized: Thai Binh Economic Zone has an area of ​​over 30,000 hectares, of which the area is for industrial, urban and service areas is over 8,000 ha. This is a great advantage for Thai Binh to develop its industry. Thai Binh Economic Zone is built according to the model of an integrated, multi-sectoral, dynamic, efficient and sustainable economic zone associated with green growth, conservation and promotion of the value of marine ecosystems, biodiversity history and culture. Currently, Thai Binh is striving to perfect the economic zone's infrastructure, ensure synchronous facilities and promote the attraction of industries with advanced and modern technologies that cause less environmental pollution; and shaping the development of modern and civilized coastal urban areas, associated with functional zones of production and business.

 Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park is the first Industrial Park located in Thai Binh Economic Zone under construction with an area of ​​more than 580ha. Currently, there are 4 FDI projects under investment and construction of factories. It is expected that by the end of this year, a number of projects will be completed and put into production. This is an Industrial Park assigned by the province with a pioneering mission, laying the foundation for promoting the development of Thai Binh Economic Zone in the coming time.

However, when building Thai Binh Economic Zone as well as Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park, Thai Binh province also faced many difficulties, especially the province had no experience in implementing economic zone construction, so it was very curious to learn from other provinces' experiences, and pay attention to building a team of officials to perform well the tasks of building the economic zone. However, the province also faces some difficulties in terms of current regulations; difficulties in site clearance when the area to be cleared is very large. However, with the facilitation of the Government and central ministries and agencies as well as the determination and participation of the whole Thai Binh political system and the consensus of the people, the construction of the Economic Zone as well as the Lien Ha Thai Industrial Park has so far achieved many positive results. Thai Binh province is determined to open the coastal route through the province with a budget of more than US$3,000 billion in May 2023. At the same time, solutions are implemented to successfully build and develop Thai Binh Economic Zone.

 Speaking at the meeting, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh emphasized: Thai Binh Economic Zone plays an important role in the province's socio-economic development. However, Thai Binh has a narrow land area and a large number of people, the province needs to continue to have solutions to develop towards the sea and exploit marine space. The Prime Minister said that the new Thai Binh Economic Zone mainly develops on land, it is necessary to look to the sea and exploit marine space more effectively in the coming time.

The Prime Minister also emphasized: In order to successfully build Thai Binh Economic Zone, the experience is that the site clearance and resettlement must be done well, one step ahead. Especially the province must closely coordinate with investors, based on the consensus of the people to do well the site clearance; and social security, thereby creating a premise for synchronous construction of economic zone infrastructure. In which, it is necessary to focus on building complete, interconnected and synchronous infrastructure, especially transport infrastructure, electricity and water, housing for workers, environmental issues, etc. The Prime Minister asked the province to spend public investment capital to complete the infrastructure connecting the economic zone, first of which is to build a coastal route to soon connect with Cat Bi airport, the seaport of Hai Phong city.

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh also suggested a number of contents about the implementation plans for the construction of the economic zone, including the model of public investment - private management, which emphasized: Public investment is the building of institutions, planning, strategies, infrastructure construction to the foot of the fence of the economic zone, etc., while private management is to assign large investors to operate, call for, promote and attract investors. With this model, many provinces and cities across the country have implemented it very effectively.

The Prime Minister asked Thai Binh province to determine that people must benefit from the economic zone, not be affected. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the lives of people in the project area. The resettlement area is arranged according to the motto that the new place of residence must be better than the old one, thereby creating consensus of the people in the implementation of the next projects in the coming time.


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