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Motivation for development from key projects

Determining that the construction and development of synchronous infrastructure is one of the important steps to attract investment, over the past time, Thai Binh province has implemented synchronous solutions, in which special attention is paid to promoting investment, speeding up the implementation of key projects and works in the area, thereby creating a driving force for socio-economic development.


Phuong Anh Trade and Construction Investment Co., Ltd. constructs the coastal road in Thai Binh province.

In order for the projects to be implemented soon, the work of site clearance and handing over to investors is strongly directed by the whole political system in the province. Not only organizing missions of provincial leaders to inspect the actual site clearance work in key projects, the province also regularly organizes meetings under the chairmanship of provincial leaders. On that basis, promptly grasp and have solutions to remove difficulties and problems for each specific project. Along with that, all levels, branches and localities where the projects have passed have also implemented many practical solutions, close to reality, such as: promoting propaganda for people to understand the provisions of the law about the cases where the state-owned project recovers land; publicity and transparency of information in planning, compensation and site clearance; develop mechanisms and policies to ensure maximum benefits for people whose land is recovered; resolutely implement the process of compulsory counting and coercive land recovery for cases where the households whose land is recovered do not comply with the provisions of law...

The project to renovate and upgrade road 221A approved by the Provincial People's Committee in Decision No. 2624 with a total length of about 17.8km is invested according to the scale of a grade III delta road, from Trai Diem intersection to the dune tourist area. The ring passes through the territory of 8 communes of Tien Hai district; The total investment is more than 734 billion VND, of which the construction cost is more than 511 billion VND by the provincial budget, revenue from auction of land use rights, support from cement and other legal mobilized capital.  With the active participation of departments, branches, Tien Hai district and localities where the project passes, up to now, many construction items have been implemented, and the site clearance has been completed for the entire area of ​​agricultural land and is performing site clearance for the residential land area, striving to complete the site clearance work of the entire project by the end of September 2021 to hand over to investors.

Along with focusing on land clearance work, over the past time, the province has also paid attention to speeding up the disbursement of public investment capital, in which priority is given to capital disbursement for key projects, thereby creating resources to help investors speed up the construction progress. Investment project to build a coastal road in Thai Binh province with a length of 34.42km with a scale of grade III delta road; built in the form of BOT (build - operate - transfer) contract, total investment is 3,872 billion dong, of which capital is 990 billion dong from central budget, local budget and mobilized capital sources from other measures VND 1,593 billion, investor capital VND 1,289 billion; The project implementation period is from 2018 to 2021. This is one of the key projects, which is very important to the socio-economic development of the province, especially since the province was approved by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister approved the general planning on construction of Thai Binh economic zone. Therefore, the direction of implementation, especially the disbursement of investment capital, has been paid special attention by the province. Up to now, according to the project plan, more than 1,000 billion VND of capital has been allocated, of which the local capital is more than 450 billion VND, the central capital is 570 billion VND; accumulated capital payment to investors reached more than 900 billion dong.

Ms. Hoang Thi Phuong, Director of Phuong Anh Trading and Construction Investment Co., Ltd. said: In the process of completing the capital disbursement documents, the Company always receives timely guidance from the competent authorities in the province. With the disbursed amount plus the Company's mobilized capital, the Company quickly implemented the project to ensure the set schedule. In addition, the province is interested in directing relevant departments and agencies and investors to speed up the planning of land funds to create sources for BOT projects in the area.

With the positivity and initiative in leading and directing the implementation along with the constant efforts, enlisting the help of central ministries and branches, many key projects and works in the locality. The table has been implemented and is being implemented to create a driving force for the province's socio-economic development such as: investment project to build coastal road in Thai Binh province; project to renovate and upgrade road 221A; road project from Thai Binh city to Thousand Bridge (BOT); investment project to build and trade infrastructure of Lien Ha Thai industrial park; investment project on construction and infrastructure business of Thaco - Thai Binh industrial park... The goal of the Resolution of the 20th Party Congress of Thai Binh province is set out in the period of 2021-2025, the speed of gross product growth in the area GRDP reaches 10%/year or more; become a fairly developed province by 2025; keep pace with the leading group and by 2045 to be a developed province in the Red River Delta region by 2030. The province's attention to leadership and direction to speed up the construction investment of key projects and works in the area has become more and more important, thereby helping Thai Binh develop quickly and sustainably.


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