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Period 2: Hold fast to the goal of economic growth

In 2021, Thai Binh sets the goal of achieving the growth rate of gross regional domestic product ​​GRDP from 9.1% or more compared to 2020. In the context of the very complicated situation of Covid-19 epidemic at present, the result achieved by the province in the first 6 months of the year is a very important premise; however, in order to ensure to hold fast to that growth goal, in the last months of the year, it is required to have high determination, great efforts, and initiative and creativity of all levels, sectors and localities in organizing the implementation.



In order to ensure the growth goal to achieve 9.1% or more, in the last 6 months of the year, the industry sector is expected to increase by 21% over the same period in 2020. In the photo: Production at Innoflow Vina Co., Ltd. (Do Luong industrial cluster, Dong Hung district). Photo: Khac Duan

Covid-19 prevention and control are key tasks

With the economic growth goal in 2021 to reach 9.1% or more, in the last 6 months, the gross regional domestic product growth of the province must reach 13%; in which, the agriculture, forestry, forestry and fishery sectors must ensure to increase by 4%; the industry and construction sectors must ensure to increase by 23% (in which industry increases by 21%, construction increases by 29%); the service sector must ensure to increase by 7.7%; product tax minus product subsidies increases by 7.1% over the same period in 2020.

The immediate task is very difficult while Covid-19 epidemic is still happening very complicatedly, especially in the Southern provinces, especially Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, in the last 6 months of the year, the province has determined that the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic continues to be key tasks because the fact of over the past of one year and a half has shown that effectiveness of prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic has a very great role, it helps businesses and people stabilize production and business, thereby maintaining and promoting economic development.

Pham Quang Hoa, Director of Department of Health, said: In the coming time, the Health sector will continue to advise the province on solutions to prevent and control Covid-19 epidemic appropriate to each time, at the same time promote propaganda, raise the people’s awareness about epidemic prevention and control, especially the benefits of vaccination; organize random testing in the community, businesses with a large number of workers to proactively screen and detect timely; absolutely comply with the procedures and regulations of concentrated isolation, disease treatment so that no cross-infection will occur. Facing the very complicated developments of Covid-19 epidemic in provinces and cities, especially Ho Chi Minh City, the Department of Health has advised the Provincial Steering Committee for Covid-19 prevention and control to strengthen leadership, direct the implementation of drastic measures, in line with the reality of the epidemic situation, thereby be determined not to let the epidemic enter the province, create favorable conditions for the successful implementation of the dual goals, promote socio-economic development.

High determination, great effort

Not only focusing on the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic, from the results achieved in the first 6 months of the year, all levels and sectors in the province have actively developed solutions to deploy, implement in the last months of the year to achieve the set goals with high determination and the greatest effort.

Mr. Dinh Vinh Thuy, Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development said: Although in the first 6 months of the year, the agriculture, forestry and fishery sectors only achieved the value of 6,571 billion VND, an increase of 1.71% over the same period of 2020 but it was a very positive result because in the first months of the year, the agriculture sector faced many difficulties due to the complicated development situation of epidemics in livestock (lumpy skin disease in buffaloes and cows, African swine fever), the price of animal feed and fertilizer increased highly... As the role of “support” of the economy, in the last months of the year, the Agriculture sector will focus on implementing strongly, synchronously and effectively the solutions of restructuring the Agriculture sector towards increase of added value and sustainable development; promote the development of high-tech application, concentrated production of goods according to the value chain; at the same time, promote trade promotion activities, search for markets, build brand names for agricultural products, thereby promoting the production value of the whole industry, striving to complete the set items.

Development of concentrated commodity production zones according to the value chain is one of the important tasks focused on by the Agriculture sector to implement in the last months of 2021.

Along with departments and sectors, the localities are also proactive and creative in implementing the goals set out in 2021. Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, Chairman of the People’s Committee of Thai Thuy District said: Although during the 4th Covid-19 epidemic period, in Thai Thuy district, there were 3 positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 in the community related to National Hospital of Tropical Diseases at foundation 2, but thanks to the timely organization of isolation, localization and blockade, the situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the district was quickly controlled. Therefore, in the first 6 months of the year, the district’s economy had many positive changes with production value estimated to increase by 6.92% over the same period in 2020. Currently, in the district, 2 key projects of the province are being implemented namely the project for construction investment of coastal road line and the project for infrastructure construction investment of Lien Ha Thai industrial - urban - service area in Thai Binh Economic Zone. Therefore, in the last 6 months of the year, in addition to regular tasks, Thai Thuy will focus on drastically implementing the site clearance and handing over to investors for project implementation; focus on directing and speeding up the construction progress of key works and projects in the district such as embellishing and expanding Diem Dien town according to the criteria of urban area of grade IV, coastal infrastructure development project to support to respond to climate change in Thai Thuy district...; at the same time, supervise and speed up the investors to hasten infrastructure investment in Thai Duong, Thuy Son industrial clusters..., thereby creating favorable conditions to attract investment projects to the district, promoting the economy of the district to develop.

Proactively overcome difficulties as well as timely deploy solutions, it is hoped that in the coming time, Thai Binh will not only control Covid-19 epidemic well but also successfully implement comprehensively the goals and tasks of socio-economic development in 2021, create an important premise for the successful implementation of the goals set by the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress for the term of 2020 - 2025.

2021 is the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th Party Congress, the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress. In the context of many difficulties and challenges, especially Covid-19 epidemic, which is expected to be complicated and prolonged, thus in order to strive for rapid development of the province, the Party Committee and People of the whole province make more efforts, fully and deeply grasp the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress; unite, determine, organize the effective and successful implementation of the set goals, tasks and solutions; determined to maintain the achieved results, persistently implement the dual goals of epidemic prevention and control and socio-economic development according to the set goals and plans; innovate more strongly the thinking, awareness, method, way of doing, and overcome ourselves to reach new height.

(Extracted from the speech of comrade Ngo Dong Hai, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, at the second meeting of the 17th Provincial People’s Council, term of 2021 - 2026)


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