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Quarter I of 2021: Positive growth in all three key economic sectors (Stage 2)


Although it is only the first quarter of the first year implementing the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress, the achieved results have confirmed the efforts of the whole political system as well as the effectiveness of the political system, creatively deploy solutions, act decisively in leadership, direct the implementation of the set goals and tasks.

Production at Tra Ly Fiber Joint Stock Company. Photo: Thanh Tam

Stage 2: Creative solutions, drastic action

One of the important reasons for the economic prosperity of the province is that during the implementation of the task, the whole political system has always thoroughly grasped, clearly defined the common goals and tasks of the province to take the initiative. Along with that, each level, each branch, each cadre and party member, especially the heads of localities, agencies and units, always promotes well the leading and regular thought in thinking and acting. Deploying tasks must be focused and drastic with synchronous participation, perseverance, determination to do it to the end, have specific results, proactively solve difficulties and problems in each specific task.

Since the beginning of the year, the province has actively and creatively advised the Government and central departments, ministries and branches to amend, supplement and promulgate a number of mechanisms and policies related to the general situation of the country and the province, creating a corridor, an important legal basis to help localities remove difficulties, promote common development and the goals and tasks of the province. 

Before the re-emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic, the province has urgently and promptly issued many directing documents, drastically and synchronously implemented high-level epidemic prevention and control measures such as: organizing activities to prevent and control the epidemic, reopening 7 inter-sectoral checkpoints at 7 gateways to the province; strengthening the work of information and communication to the people; thoroughly localizing, tracing, collection, isolation, monitoring and treatment; organize testing and screening for all suspected cases, cases of F1, F2, at-risk subjects returning from provinces and cities with Covid-19 epidemic...; at the same time, continue to well implement the "dual goal" of both effective epidemic prevention and control and socio-economic recovery and development. Therefore, in the first months of the year, although the Covid-19 epidemic in the country was complicated, there were no cases of Covid-19 infection in the community in the province. That is a great advantage to create conditions for enterprises, production and business households in the area to maintain and develop production and business, contributing to promoting the economic development of the province.

The results achieved in the first quarter of 2021 of the province are very positive, but it is forecasted that in the near future there will be a lot of difficulties and challenges, the global Covid-19 epidemic will continue to negatively affect all aspects of social life, especially in the field of production and business. Therefore, at the fourth meeting of the Provincial Party Committee, Mr. Ngo Dong Hai, Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee requested the branches, localities, units and business community in in the coming time to implement synchronously and effectively the tasks and solutions that have been built, in which it is necessary to focus on speeding up the progress of the provincial planning; continue to implement specific measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in accordance with actual developments, do not be subjective, neglect, do not be passive, unexpected, resolute not to let the epidemic spread and outbreak on the province; review, supplement and perfect mechanisms, policies and regulations on decentralization and decentralization, thereby not only mobilizing resources, attracting development investment but also creating initiative and creativity. for all levels and branches; step up activities to remove difficulties, support enterprises to restore and develop production deeply, with special emphasis on new markets, new products, development of new services and support for start-ups. Karma; accelerate the construction progress of Thai Binh Economic Zone as well as the construction progress of key projects of the province; develop agricultural production and develop rural economy in association with enhanced new rural construction, in which new types of production with high economic value are noted....

Mr. Tran Huy Quan, Director of Department of Industry and Trade

In the first quarter of 2021, although the industry and commerce of the province has recovered, it is still significantly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. Therefore, in the coming time, the Industry and Trade sector will continue to coordinate with all levels and sectors to remove difficulties for businesses; advise the province to implement the plan to develop industrial clusters after being unanimously approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade; actively research and advise on mechanisms and policies to promote trade and service development in the 2021-2025 period; coordinate and urge to bring wind power projects into power planning VIII...

Mr. Pham Tung Lam, Head of the Provincial Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Parks

Accumulated to the end of March 2021, the whole province has 293 valid investment projects in economic zones and industrial parks in the province with a total registered investment capital of more than 88,497 billion dong, of which in the economic zone Thai Binh economic has 1 project granted investment registration certificate with the scale of nearly 600ha, total registered capital of over 3,800 billion VND. In the coming time, the Provincial Management Board of Economic Zones and Industrial Parks will actively coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities in site clearance work, soon handing over to investors to implement the project. judgment; strengthen investment promotion, focus on reforming administrative procedures to create favorable conditions for investors and businesses; at the same time, closely coordinate with relevant departments, branches and localities to do well in project verification to ensure investment efficiency in economic zones and industrial zones in the province.

Mr. Dinh Gia Dung, Chairman of Thai Binh City People's Committee

In the first quarter of 2021, the total production value of Thai Binh city was estimated at more than 9,795 billion VND, increasing by 7.98% over the same period in 2020, of which industry and construction increased by 8.52%, trade, services increased by 7.02%, agriculture, forestry and fishery increased by 0.52% over the same period in 2020. To achieve the set target, in the coming time, the city will focus heavily on election of members for the 15th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels for the term 2021 - 2026; drastically implement solutions to remove difficulties in a substantive way for production and business, ensure social security; proactively take measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic; strengthen dialogue, focus on resolving citizens' petitions and reflections right from the moment they arise; at the same time, organize the review and implementation of steps in the process of requesting recognition of Thai Binh city as a grade I urban center directly under the province.


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