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Quynh Phu gives priority to industrial cluster infrastructure development

Implementing the policy of socializing investment and business in infrastructure of industrial clusters, Quynh Phu has attracted many potential investors, infrastructure of industrial clusters is invested more synchronously and attractive to secondary investors.


Infrastructure of industrial clusters is being prioritized by Quynh Phu for development

Quynh Phu currently has 5 planned industrial clusters. In which, Dong Hai, Quynh Giao, and Quy Ninh industrial clusters already have infrastructure investors and are attracting secondary investors. Particularly, mechanisms and policies of 2 industrial clusters Dam Neo and Quynh Coi are being developed by Quynh Phu district to select suitable investors.

Quynh Phu currently has 5 planned industrial clusters

With a favorable geographical position, adjacent to the economic triangle of Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Quang Ninh, it has a convenient transportation system. Over the past time, the attraction of infrastructure investment in Quynh Phu has increased rapidly when trade agreements have come into effect, especially since the US-China trade war, the wave of investment in Vietnam, including Thai Binh, has increased rapidly. Therefore, after being planned, industrial clusters have registered infrastructure investors, many investors apply to expand and add new industrial clusters to invest in infrastructure to attract secondary investment projects. This is a condition for Quynh Phu to develop infrastructure of industrial clusters as a premise to promote investment attraction in the district in the coming years.


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