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Status of agricultural production in April 2021

During the month, overall agricultural production in the province was stable. Spring rice grows, develops well, evenly in all teas and varieties. Farmers actively take care of and harvest spring crops and plant summer crops. Yields of all crops are at a high level.

Currently, the cultivated area of ​​spring rice has reached 76,268 hectares and is in the planting stage. The planted area of ​​spring crops is 15,113 hectares, 3.6% higher than the same period in 2020; The planted area of ​​summer crops is 1,511 hectares, 8.0% higher than the same period in 2020.

The livestock production situation was basically stable compared to the same period in March. The pig herd was estimated at 688.3 thousand heads, down 0.35% over the same period in 2020; poultry flock reached 13.9 million heads, decreasing by 1.4% over the same period in 2020%; stable herd of buffaloes and cows was estimated at 56.6 thousand heads, increasing by 1.04% over the same period in 2020. Diseases in aquatic animals remained stable; Inflammatory skin disease in buffaloes and cows was gradually controlled, 16/51 communes had 21 days without any disease.

Total aquaculture production in the month was estimated at 14,560 tons, increasing by nearly 18% over the same period in March, and increasing by 5.4% over the same period in April 2020.

Regarding the construction of new enhanced rural communes, up to now, there are 02 communes meeting the new advanced rural standards, namely Thuy Phuc commune, Thuy Chinh commune, Thai Thuy district.; 04 communes have been appraised to achieve 11/11 criteria of newly-advanced rural communes in 2019, are completing dossiers to report to the People's Committee to recognize them meeting new-advanced rural standards; 07 communes have been appraised and recognized by the provincial appraisal team to recognize the newly-advanced rural standard in 2020.


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