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Thai Binh: Economic picture continues to shine

In 2017, GRDP in the provincial area (2010 prices) increased by 11.12% compared to 2016 (according to the Provincial Statistical Office). This is the second consecutive year that the economic growth rate of the province has reached double digits, which is higher than the target set by the XIXth Provincial Party Congress, making Thai Binh one of the three provinces with the highest economic growth rate in the Red River Delta.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and other central leaders and provincial leaders exchange at the conference promoting investment in agriculture and rural Thai Binh.

The bright spot in the economic picture in 2017 is the great development of the industry. This is reflected in the value of industrial production and the strong growth of construction with total production value estimated at over 67,000 billion, up 19.72% compared with 2016. Since the beginning of the year, the People's Committee has mobilized enterprises to emulate the production and business, organized meetings to exchange and remove difficulties for enterprises, thereby creating conditions for enterprises to expand. In addition, the province also focused on developing some key products, while also developing a number of new products such as the new line production of electric wire car of Yazaki Company, Thai Binh 1, fiber production and other products of SH, Thanh Phat, Nam Dong ..., thus contributing positively to the growth of industrial production in the province. Additionally, the province has focused on attracting investment and development of enterprises with the total number of investment projects approved in 2017 increasing 44% in number of projects and 34.7% in investment capital compared to In 2016. The province has over 700 enterprises and 123 new representative offices and branches, up nearly 30% compared to 2016 - reached the highest level ever. The implementation of construction of Thai Binh economic zone and the planning of development of some new industrial parks are also directed by the provincial People's Committee to create a new driving force for economic development of the province.

Modern equipment line at Damsan II textile factory

Not only focussing on industrial development, the province also pays attention to directing agricultural development, especially in large scale agricultural production. Up to now, the whole province has nearly 11,123ha of agricultural land which is concentrated and accumulated for agricultural production, thus facilitating the development of mechanization and application of high technologies to production. In 2017, despite the complicated situation of pests and diseases, black dwarf appearing in some areas, white-backed aphids and other insect pests with high density over the same period of many years, some areas of ​​rice and crops inundated due to the effect of tropical low pressure circulation which causes heavy rain lasting the first time in October; the hog price decreasing sharply … with the close direction of the province, the value of agricultural production has increased by 2.48% compared to 2016.

In breeding, the whole sector focused on reducing the number of small livestock, increasing the number of farms. Up to now, 696 breeding farms have met the criteria of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, including 74 large scale farms, 2 cooperatives, 10 cooperative groups in livestock production with sustainable and effective operation. The fishery sector has been developing steadily in both aquaculture and fishing. The area of ​​aquaculture is 14,874ha, an increase of 278ha compared to 2016; Mining output is estimated at 74,800 tons, up 8.4% compared to 2016. The cage culture in the river continues to grow with 528 cages, up 78.3% over the same period in 2016.

The year 2017 ended with a great victory in the budget management, especially the work done by the domestic tax department. This is the year after many consecutive years with tax revenue reaching and exceeding revenue estimates with total domestic revenue estimated at 7,055.8 billion. Another highlight of the economic picture in 2017 is that the province has basically completed the handover of rural low voltage networks of 84 communes participating in the RE2 project for the power sector. The granting of certificates of land use right for households in the urban areas has been completed, the implementation progress and the disbursement of investment capital is relatively high; the mobilization of capital of economic sectors for development investment achieved good resuslts with the total social investment capital increasing by 23%, double the increase of 2016 and nearly three times higher than the plan.

Spring has come making the heart of people throb. The results that the local Party, government and people achieved in 2017 is the premise, the prerequisite and the hope for a new year with continuous higher success in all fields.

Economic development indicators in 2018

- GRDP growth rate is 9.5% or higher compared to 2017;

- The total production value increases by 11.6% or more, the total retail sales of goods and services increases by 13%, the total export turnover increases by 11%, the total investment capital for social development increases by 8%. , 5% over 2017;

- Total state budget revenue reaches VND 13,858.1 billion, of which domestic revenue is VND 6,391.5 billion;

- The number of communes meeting the new rural standard increases by 10% or more compared to the recognized number of communes reaching standards in 2017 and 100% of communes reach the standard in the new standard according to the new criteria.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Khieu, Provincial Party Committee Member, Director of Department of Industry and Trade

In order to contribute to the province's achievement of the set targets, the Industry and Trade sector has focused on synchronously and efficiently implementing the sector restructuring plan and sectoral plannings as approved,  efficiently carrying out the work of external relations, industrial promotion, trade promotion and the program of bringing Vietnamese goods to rural areas. In addition, the sector has maintained the mechanism of dialogue with enterprises, timely removed difficulties and problems for businesses and production facilities in the area; To take initiative in coordinating and urging enterprises and investors to accelerate the investment and put the project into operation according to the approved plan (especially the big and key investment projects) thereby raising the capacity of industrial production in the province. In addition, the industry and trade have implemented synchronous measures to control the market, fight smuggling and trade frauds; intensified the inspection of conditional business lines such as medicine and medical supplies, petrol and oil, gold and silver.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Co, Deputy Secretary of District Party Committee, Chairman of People's Committee of Quynh Phu District

In order to ensure the balance of expenditures for the cause of socio-economic development in the district, since the beginning of the year, Quynh Phu district has paid attention to the implementation of state budget revenue collection, at the same time, promoting the role of the Steering Committee of the district budget, to assure proper, full and timely tax collection for  the state budget. Therefore, in 2017, the total budget revenue of Quynh Phu district reached 1,060.27 billion, reaching 128.6% of the estimate. With flexible, efficient of economical budget,  the district maintained a fairly good growth rate, an increase of 11.52% compared to 2016, exceeding the year's plan.

Mr. Nguyen Quyet Thang, Chairman of Board of Directors, Director of Thai Binh Petroleum One Member Company Limited

Thai Binh Petroleum One Member Company Limited is a member of Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation, was established on March 26, 1968 with its predecessor as Thai Binh General Materials Company. It specializes in trading petroleum and petroleum products (gas, lubricants, insurance, paint, laundry) with a total of 26 stores. Its goal in 2017 is to pay 176 billion of taxes. However, following the general policy of the province, the company has actively overcome all difficulties, maintained production and mobilized the maximum financial resources to timely pay taxes to the budget. By the end of 2017, the Company has paid VND220,748 billion in taxes to the state budget, thus contributing to the completion of the assigned budget.

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