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Thai Binh: Operational situation of industrial and handicraft cooperatives in the first 6 months of 2021



According to the report of the Department of Industry and Trade, as of June 2021, in the province, there are 11 cooperatives (cooperatives) in the field of industry - handicrafts (industry and handicrafts) still operating. Industrial and handicraft cooperatives mainly focus on main industries such as manufacturing and processing textile products, spare parts for bicycles, motorbikes, plastic bottles, conical hats, machinery repair...


Cooperatives operate on a voluntary basis, stemming from the wishes of their members, all cooperative members contribute capital, contribute to the cooperative in accordance with the law, develop a plan for production, business, and services suitable to the needs of the market. Many cooperatives invest in machinery and equipment, innovate technology, attract labor, make the most of and exploit local raw materials. Typically, some cooperatives operate effectively such as Tra Vinh Glass Cooperative, Phu Loi silver carving cooperative, Nam Ha conical hat production and trading cooperative..., attracting about 593 regular employees; the average revenue of a cooperative is estimated at 2,800 million VND, profit is about 400 million VND/year; the average income of employees is from 4-6 million VND/month.

However, besides the achieved results, the operation of cooperatives still faces many difficulties due to lack of investment capital to expand production; The purchase of raw materials and accessories for production faced a lot of difficulties, the consumption market decreased, the price of raw materials and accessories for some products increased, increasing production costs. Goods are slow and unsold. Moreover, from the beginning of the year until now, the Covid-19 epidemic has broken out and complicated developments have adversely affected the production and business situation of cooperatives. Cooperatives face a lot of difficulties and challenges in finding markets for their products, unstable market prices of raw materials and input materials....

In order to promote collective economic development in the last 6 months of 2021, the Industry and Trade sector will continue to operate, consolidate, innovate, develop and improve the efficiency of the industry and handicraft cooperatives. Focus on developing sustainable cooperatives associated with the potentials and strengths of the locality and commodity production region. Focusing on developing and improving the quality, efficiency and competitiveness of cooperatives operating in the industrial sector, associated with processing and consuming products, creating a value chain of commodity production to ensure sustainable development.

Author: T.Anh
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