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Thai Binh Seafood Joint Stock Company keeps the prestige in production and business

Of the 28 fish sauce producers in Thai Binh province, Thai Binh Seafood Joint Stock Company (Hai Ba Trung Street, Thai Binh City) owns the majority of the market. This is because the company has high prestige in production and business, guaranteed by fine raw materials and production process which decide the quality of products.


Various high quality fish sauce products, meeting the needs of consumers

Confirming the company's trademark, Tran Van Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors said: In the past years, Thai Binh Seafood Joint Stock Company always put the word “Prestige” at the top of its priority. To get a good product, the first important factor must be input material. The company has chosen to buy raw materials from the northern and southern fishing grounds to ensure reasonable storage time as well as stability of inputs. The fish are selected to be fish sauce must be fresh, large, are transferred directly from the fishingboats in the sea to the land for preliminary processing. To produce high quality fish sauce, it will take more than a year.

  In production and business, Thai Binh Seafood Joint Stock Company always takes into account morality, the customer is the center of their service and their trust is the survival of the company. Therefore, the products of the company, especially fish sauce maintain good reputation and keep growing. The company always pays great attention to food hygiene and safety, considering this the first task to ensure the health of users. In addition to fresh raw materials, all the tools to produce fish sauce like filter cloth, basket must be cleaned, sterilized to ensure that no bacteria can grow. Bottling should be hygienic and there should be no chemical catalysts in the entire production process. Therefore, the company's products have dominated the market; production has increased continuously over the years. Previously, the company only sold 2 million liters of fish sauce each year, in recent years it has accounted for 30% of the market, both inside and outside the province.
  In addition to these above factors, the Board of Directors has introduced the investment orientation to develop its products to maintain the trademark and prestige of Thai Binh seafood. In particular, the company has applied the contract mechanism to promote the autonomy, dynamism and creativity of the member factories and individual workers. The company also promotes innovations, technical improvements in staff, workers, highlighting the leading role of the company leaders. Consequently, many innovations have been applied in production such as the application of the model of processing seafood products, the improvement of processing process, construction of tank testing system method, the application of scientific advances and production of anchovy fish sauce or increasing protein by indirect heating method ... In addition, the company also invested for marketing variety of products, changing packaging labels following consumers 'tastes, and listening to customers' opinions to promptly consolidate and improve product quality.
  Fish sauce is preserved in a clean, dry place before reaching the consumers.
  With targeted investment, priority is given to production items to improve the quality of products, create more jobs and income for employees. In the past five years, the company has spent nearly VND 150 billion to invest in the construction of items such as frozen seafood processing factories for export, centers for introduction of aquatic products in districts, investment in production in factories in the direction of ensuring food hygiene and safety.
  Beginning as a state-owned enterprise with many difficulties in production and business, prolonged losses, seriously degraded workshops, machinery and equipment, after the equitization in 2005, Seafood Joint Stock Company Thai Binh has restructured its apparatus, commodity lines and built its reputation on the market. The company has received many honors and awards such as Labor Medal Third, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister, the title of High quality Vietnamese goods, Thai Binh fish source Gold medal , Gold Cup for public health, Gold cup for meeting the standard WTO on intellectual property.

Tran Van Quang, Chairman of the Board of Directors affirmed that the company will continue to offer qualified products and make the brand of Thai Binh fish sauce the strong product of the Red River Delta in the coming time.

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