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Thai Binh strives for international economic integration Stage 1: Building an integration environment


In recent years, Thai Binh province has actively integrated into the international economy according to the guidelines of the Party, policies and laws of the State on integration, actively contributing to improving the production and business efficiency of the people and businesses, while helping the economy grow sustainably.


The wave of FDI enterprises in Thai Binh brings new production fields, modern technology and cooperation opportunities for local businesses.

At the conference summarizing international economic integration in 2020, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial International Economic Integration Committee confirmed: Thai Binh has achieved many important results in the work of international economic integration. That result is because the province has built a favorable environment for all levels, sectors, organizations and individuals, especially people and businesses to participate in integration.

Creating an open legal corridor

In the work of international economic integration, legal regulations and economic institutions play an important role, which is likened to a "road" with a legal corridor to help people and businesses go in the right direction, take advantage of opportunities and be protected safely from risks arising from disputes or trade barriers that each country poses. For many years, the Provincial People's Committee has directed departments, branches and localities to improve the quality of construction, promulgate, control and systematize legal documents to ensure compliance with legal regulations and national commitments which Vietnam has signed. Along with reforming and streamlining the administrative apparatus, the Provincial People's Committee also directed to accelerate administrative reform, especially administrative procedures related to investment, import and export activities, tax - the field directly related to international economic integration. Accordingly, departments and branches regularly review and submit to the Provincial People's Committee to announce the list of administrative procedures newly promulgated, amended, supplemented, replaced, and abolished under their management. 100% of administrative procedures under the handling competence of departments, agencies and district-level People's Committees are resolved according to the "5 on-the-spot" option at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center and the receiving and returning department of the District level.

Up to now, the Provincial People's Committee has announced 668 administrative procedures and publicly listed the administrative procedure codes on the national database. Administrative procedures have been cut by 40-60% of the time limit for settlement compared to central regulations. Provincial People's Committee has approved 947 online public services of level 3 and 4 to be implemented in 2020 and the following years.

Mr. Vu Ngoc Toan, Director of Thai Binh Customs Branch said: We always strictly and fully implement international commitments under the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), agreements on regulations rules of origin, intellectual property and other agreements related to the import and export of goods. In particular, at present, Thai Binh Customs Branch has implemented most of the operations of customs clearance of goods, payment of taxes, fees, charges and procedures with means of transport on the online public service of level 4 created favourable conditions for people and businesses to clear goods quickly, safely, and save costs.

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Improve the investment and business environment

In the past 5 years, the investment and business environment of Thai Binh has been continuously improved, helping people and businesses to produce and do business effectively and attract many domestic and foreign projects to invest in the area. Currently, Thai Binh ranks 5th out of 11 provinces and cities in the Red River Delta region and 25th out of 63 provinces and cities nationwide in terms of provincial competitiveness index (PCI). In which, many component indexes increased rapidly, ranked in the top of the country such as: cost of market entry, transparency index, cost of time index, dynamism index, fair competition index and index of legal institutions, security and order.

Mr. Do Van Ve, Chairman of the Provincial Business Association, said that the PCI ranking of Thai Binh has continuously risen in the past 5 years, which properly reflects the efforts of the provincial Party committee and government in leading, directing and implementing, synchronously deploying solutions to improve the investment and business environment in order to create favorable opportunities for people and businesses to invest and develop production and business effectively. In addition to reforming administrative procedures and renovating mechanisms and policies to attract investment and support people and businesses, the province has also performed well the publicity and transparency of information on undertakings, plans and master plans for economic development; support and remove difficulties for people and businesses.

Not stopping there, with the determination to create competitiveness to attract local investment, the Provincial People's Committee has built and issued a set of competitiveness indexes at departmental, branch, district and city levels (DDCI). According to many businesses, this is a further, more substantial step forward in administrative reform, creating a favorable environment for people and businesses to invest, develop the economy and integrate into the world.

Building a solid integration foundation

Mr. Tran Huy Quan, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade - the standing agency of the Provincial Board of International Economic Integration, said: In recent years, Thai Binh has focused all its resources to invest in modernizing and synchronous construction in terms of infrastructure including transportation system, industrial parks, industrial clusters, electricity systems, craft villages and agriculture, rural areas... to meet the production and business needs of people and businesses. In addition to completing the National Target Program on new rural construction soon, Thai Binh is also the cradle of implementing the policy of land accumulation and building large fields. Localities in the province have formed many large-scale commodity agricultural production models and linked production chains.

Environmental protection from within the community to agricultural, industrial, handicraft and commercial production is focused. One factor that helps people and businesses succeed in international economic integration as well as create trust and attract FDI enterprises to invest in the province over the past time is that national defense, security, social order and safety are always guaranteed, maintained; social security work is implemented effectively. These are the basic foundations to meet the requirements of sustainable international economic integration.

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