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Thai Thuy district’s industry maintains its momentum

Though in difficult conditions, in the first nine months of 2017, the total value of industrial and handicraft production in Thai Thuy district reached over VND 2,351 billion, an increase of 20% over the same period of 2016. This indicates that the provincial and district support policies and the improved investment environment have helped Thai Thuy continue to be the place where investors choose to set up and develop.


Dai Duong Garment Factory (Thuy Hai) creates jobs for 1,000 workers.

In Thai Thuy district, there are more than 300 enterprises, 24 handicraft villages producing and trading in the fields of industry and handicrafts, creating jobs for 13,000 laborers. In the first 9 months of 2017, enterprises in the district maintained a relatively high growth rate in production. Many enterprises have invested in modernizing equipment, production lines and expanding production space. In addition, a number of large industrial projects have been implemented that have created a new look for the district's economy, creating jobs and stable incomes for laborers.

The highlight of the industry growth in the first 9 months of 2017 in Thai Thuy was the production and processing of aquatic products – the field which the district has many strengths. The whole district has nearly 150 enterprises, production facilities and four well developed traditional craft villages concentrated in the coastal areas, attracting about 2,000 workers with an average income of 3 million per person per month. Processing aquatic products enterprises and establishments have solved the output of the fishery and aquaculture sector, step by step affirming their trademarks in the domestic and export markets.

Most prominent is Thuy Hai Seafood Processing Co., Ltd (Thuy Tan Industrial Group) with a modern production line, processing capacity of 400 tons of raw fish per day. The total output of raw fish processed in the first 9 months of 2017 reached 16,000 tons, revenue reached more than 120 billion, exporting more than 2,000 tons of fish powder to China. It is expected that by 2017, the total output of raw fish processing will reach 25,000 tons. Thanks to stable production, the Company's annual purchase of raw fish is from 60-70% of trash fish caught by fishermen in the province and the northern and central coastal provinces with stable prices. Help your children peace of mind to the sea.

In the first 9 months of 2017, the production of fish powder of Thuy Hai Seafood Processing Co., Ltd (Thuy Tan industrial zone) reached 16,000 tons.

Besides the fields of producing and processing aquatic products, the garment and footwear sector in the district continued to maintain a good growth momentum in the first 9 months, with an over 9% increase. There are 27 enterprises operating in the field of garment and leather footwear, such as the Ggarment export factory of Dai Duong (Thuy Hai), employing 1,000 workers, SH International Ltd (Thuy Son Industry Cluster), creating jobs for 700 workers. This is also the field that creates many jobs for workers in the district, with nearly 4,000 employees and the average income from 4-5 million per month.

At the same time, construction materials manufacturers mainly producing tuynel bricks still maintain good production, creating jobs for nearly 1,000 workers, a growth of over 5% in the first 9 months.

In addition, 2 key projects in the district including Thai Binh Power Center, Amon Nitrat Factory are making breakthrough for industrial development of the district in particular, the province in general. Thai Binh Thermal Power Plant is one of two factories under the Thai Binh Power Center started on February 22th 2014. At this time, some equipment is on trial and Machine Unit 1 will be put into operation in October 2017 and Unit 2 in April 2018. After commercial operations, the factory will provide 3.276 billion kWh for the national electricity system each year, contributing VND 600 billion to the provincial budget. The Amon Nitrat production plant will start operating in 2014, bringing the district's industrial production value up (The year 2016 reached VND1 trillion).

According to Mr. Do Phuc Hau, Deputy Head of Economic-Infrastructure Division of the district: In the coming time, Thai Thuy continues to effectively implement the action plan of the Executive Committee of the district party on the improvement of investment environment. It is expected to focus on solving the related issues, creating favorable conditions for the operation of enterprises in the locality, especially projects like Thai Binh Power Center. At the same time, Thai Thuy will focus on state management in the fields of production, business, occupational safety and health, fire and explosion prevention and fighting. By doing so, the district's industry will maintain stable development.

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