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The City: Speeding up key projects

Thai Binh city is one of the localities that have been implementing many key projects and projects of the city and the province. If it is delayed in the implementation process, it will greatly affect socio-economic development programs, and people's lives, and lose opportunities to attract investment. Therefore, the city government is making efforts to remove difficulties and speed up the progress of key projects.


The extended Ky Dong Road basically completed the site clearance work.

We went to the construction site of route 454 (road 223) from Tran Thai Tong street to the intersection of national highway 10 at TBS Song Tra industrial park (Thai Binh city) when the construction here was still quite messy. Although still unfinished, but looking at the ground, it can be imagined that in the not too distant future, this will be a wide and open road that is very convenient for the city's socio-economic development as well as ensuring safe transport. The route will be constructed from the end of 2020 in the form of a BT contract, 2.9km in length with the size of the main urban street. Up to now, the city has handed over 500m2 of land to investors. The rest of the route coincides with the old road surface, and the road surface can be constructed, the pavement part according to the design cannot be built. However, the progress of handing over the ground is still slow, there are still some bottlenecks related to residential land of households and individuals in Tan Binh commune and corridor land of some enterprises. Currently, the City Land Fund Development Center focuses on verifying the origin of the land, paying compensation, and supporting site clearance to soon hand over the site to investors for implementation, striving to complete the route as planned in June 2022. 

Mr. Nguyen Quoc Toan, commander of road 454 project, said: The unit is focusing on manpower and machinery to carry out the construction of locations that already have clean ground, as well as positions that people and businesses household support, voluntarily handing over the site before receiving compensation and site clearance support. Mr. Tran Duc Tuan, group 2, Tien Phong ward shared: We hope that the route will soon be completed, becoming a beautiful and modern road, contributing to changing the face of the city.

These days, the project of building and embellishing a 4-5 storey dormitory in Le Hong Phong ward is also being urgently implemented. Mr. Truong Cong Hanh, Secretary of Party cell 5, Le Hong Phong ward said: With solutions for long-lasting rain, from propaganda, advocacy, and then renewing dialogue methods, explaining mechanisms and policies on compensation, support for site clearance to households and individuals until resolute measures, finally, the handover of the premises at the 4-5 storey dormitory area has been completed. From here, after a little more time, a smart, modern project will form, meeting people's housing needs; at the same time embellishing and modernizing the urban area, creating a highlight on the urban beauty of Le Quy Don, Le Loi and Tran Hung Dao streets, contributing to soon becoming a grade I city as the target of Resolution No. City Party Congress has proposed. Or at traffic congestion points in the city such as extended Chu Van An street, extended Ky Dong street, Le Quy Don street is also being focused on site clearance by the city, soon having a clean ground to execute the construction.

At some locations of road 454, people and businesses voluntarily hand over the premises without receiving compensation.

One of the projects that will contribute to changing the urban face of the city in the near future is the southern ring road of Thai Binh city, the section from Chu Van An street extends to the S1 cross-bridge, with about 8.6km in length. This is a lifeline traffic route, combining external traffic and urban traffic, creating favorable conditions for traffic vehicles from Tien Hai economic zone, industrial park and Kien Xuong district to other southern provinces. According to Thai Binh city planning, the southern ring road is identified as the main urban axis, playing a central role in developing the technical infrastructure network in the region, thereby forming urban clusters, services, trade on both sides of the route. The route is expected to be implemented from 2021 - 2023.

Ms. Tran Thi Hong, Van Dong Nam village, Vu Phuc commune said: We hope the route will soon be deployed so that the local economy can develop and people's lives are improved. My family has about 2 sao of agricultural land along the route and is ready to hand over the land when the government has a policy on land acquisition and clearance.

Dinh Gia Dung, Chairman of the City People's Committee, said that in the coming time, the city will focus on working groups to "unblock" key projects. Strengthen leadership, improve effectiveness and efficiency of state management of compensation, support and resettlement of projects with land acquisition in the area. For large and important projects, the city will set up a working group to regularly grasp the situation and promptly solve arising problems. In addition, depending on the characteristics of each project, there are additional members of the Compensation Council to jointly supervise and coordinate in propagating and mobilizing people to comply with guidelines and policies so that people can understand clearly about the purpose of land recovery, their rights and obligations when the State performs land clearance work.


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