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The status of agricultural production in April 2017

According to the report of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, the total area of spring crop in 2017 reached 78.840 hectares, of which direct sowing crop reached 32.370 hectares, accounting for 41.2% of the total cultivated area. At present, the rice are growing and developing well, being in the ear period, there is nearly 4,000 hectares of early production of rice in April.

Clam processing in Nam Thinh

As of 15 April 2017, the area of spring crop has reached 14.232 hectares, increased by 1.6% over the plan; the area harvested are 5.840 hectares, mainly potatoes and vegetables of all kinds.

The status of livestock production during the month was stable, there was no dangerous epidemics in cattle and poultry. The price of livestock products fell significantly, especially pork price. The total number of pigs in the localities decreased by 2.02%, the total number of poultry increased by 2.27%.

As of 13 April 2017, 53 communes have completed the plan of vaccination for livestock and poultry for Spring – Summer term of 2017.

In  terms of aquaculture and fishing, as of 15 April 2017, the breeding areas have basically completed the stocking of aquatic products for the year 2017 with total raising area of 15,004 hectares. In the whole province, there are 505 cages of raising aquatic products, in which the actual number of cages is 492 cages over the area of 51,714 m3. The production output in the month was estimated at 9,990 tons, of which the output of clam accounted for 8,050 tons. The total output of breeding products in the month was 44 million heads. Total output of aquaculture exploitation in the month was estimated at 6,367 tons.

During the month, the Department of Dyke Management inspected, excavated and petitioned localities to handle and to intervene 39 cases of violation of the Dyke Law; of which 29 cases of housing construction, 29 cases of restaurants, 01 case of container containing waste materials, and 9 other cases of violation.

As of 15 April 2017, there are 174 communes and 1 district meeting the standards of new rural areas within the whole province. Among 64 remaining communes, there are 53 communes meeting 10-15 criteria, 05 communes meeting 16-18 criteria, 6 communes meeting 9 criteria.

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