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The whole province harvested 93% of the Summer-Autumn rice area


By 26 October, the whole province had completed harvesting 69,600 hectares, reaching 93% of the planted Summer-Autumn rice area.

Mechanization helped speed up the progress of rice harvesting.

Over the past time, the districts and city have actively urged farmers to mobilize machinery and human resources to quickly harvest Summer-Autumn rice, create land funds for planting winter crops. Quynh Phu, Thai Thuy and Dong Hung are three localities that have harvested 100% of the Summer-Autumn rice area. Hung Ha, Vu Thu, Kien Xuong districts have a harvested area of over 95%, while Tien Hai district has harvested 52% of the Summer-Autumn rice area.

Along with accelerating the progress of harvesting Summer-Autumn rice, the localities in the province are shifting their focus to winter crops. According to the plan, in this year’s winter crop, the whole province strives to plant 38,500 hectares of crop plants, reaching 67.3% of the set plan, an increase of 1.5% over the same period in 2022. Up to now, all districts and city has planted more than 25,910 hectares of winter crops, including 5,320 hectares of corn, 755 hectares of chili, 4,735 hectares of melon and squash of various types, 1,970 hectares of sweet potatoes, 1,555 hectares of beans, 1,040 hectares of potato and over 10,535 hectares of vegetables.

For a successful winter crop, the localities need to deploy planting on time, ensuring area plan; encourage farmers to use high quality varieties, properly follow the technical process of each variety, plant at the right time, and proactively apply technical advances to improve production efficiency. Along with that, focus on directing water regulation to ensure soil moisture, and withdraw water appropriately so that after harvesting Summer-Autumn rice, the winter crops can be planted immediately.


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