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Tien Hai: Combining to produce rice seed for high economic value

Over the years, localities in Tien Hai district have linked rice seed production with Thai Binh Seed Group Joint Stock Company, bringing farmers high economic value, contributing to sustainable agricultural development.

Harvesting spring rice in Dong Quy commune (Tien Hai).

This year's spring rice crop area of ​​Dong Quy commune reaches over 287ha, of which the association with ThaiBinh Seed is about 170ha, mainly Bac Thong No. 7 variety. Over the past 20 years, the association of rice seed production in Dong Quy commune with ThaiBinh Seed is the right direction in agricultural production under the "4 houses" link, bringing high economic efficiency to farmers.

Mr. Ta Loan Chien, Hai Nhuan village said: Up to this point, my family has almost finished harvesting 6 acres of spring rice, the yield is estimated at 2 quintals/perch. By linking rice seed production, we no longer worry about product output and income, so most farmers maintain seed production and fulfill their commitment to ThaiBinh Seed. This year's spring crop is good, farmers are very excited, people in the village encourage each other to actively harvest spring rice to ensure the time to buy rice seeds as set out by the Company. The current price of seed rice is 1.3 times higher than that of commercial rice.

For Nam Thang commune, in the past years, farmers used many varieties of seeds for cultivation, leading to fragmented production, significantly affecting the crop structure and product consumption. Implementing the policy of changing crop structure is to gradually eliminate degraded rice varieties, focusing on short-term rice varieties with high yield and high quality for production. In particular, the most prominent is the rice variety TBR225 that has been associated with ThaiBinh Seed. Currently, the cultivated area of ​​rice variety TBR225 in Nam Thang has reached 220/281 hectares, of which over 100 hectares are transplanted rice seeds, contributing to increasing the production value per unit of cultivated area for farmers by 25-30%.

Mr. Tran Duy Manh, Nam Thang commune shared: Over the years, the sale of seed rice to ThaiBinh Seed has been relatively stable with a value higher than normal rice by 1.3 times at the time of purchase, so when participating in seed transplanting, our farmers not only benefit economically but also use good quality original rice seed with high disease resistance.

In order to maintain production linkages, Tien Hai district has directed the cooperatives to perform well the service stages such as supplying fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation, seeds... Organizing production management, efficient business and service activities, adapting to the market mechanism, creating linkages and cooperation with businesses, bringing high economic efficiency to farmers. This year's spring crop, according to experts, the area of ​​rice seed cultivation has increased, the rice yield is higher than the previous crop. The relatively stable product output link is consumed by companies with a value 1.3 times higher than normal rice, so when participating in rice breeding, farmers not only benefit economically but also use rice of good quality rootstocks to produce crop varieties resistant to pests and diseases. In the production process, the companies also focus on linking and regularly sending enhanced technical staff to the grassroots to guide farmers in the production process from seeding, tending, harvesting, and making strict commitments to farmers, more closely with farmers in decontamination. On the cooperative side, it is responsible for transferring science and technology to farmers from the stage of soil preparation, tending, weeding, spraying pesticides, decontamination... to the preservation of rice harvesting machinery.

The cooperation in rice seed production between enterprises and farmers in Tien Hai district has become a stable link, bringing many benefits to the parties involved, especially for farmers’ direct manufacture.



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