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Total mobilized capital in the whole area in April 2021 was estimated at VND 89,310 billion

During the month, credit institutions in the area operated stably, expanding credit investment along with strengthening credit quality management; implement solutions to extend debt, adjust debt term to support loan customers.



Transaction activities at Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development - Quynh Phu branch

By April 30, 2021, the total mobilized capital in the whole area was estimated at VND 89,310 billion, increasing by 4.2% compared to December 31, 2020. In which, deposits from financial institutions accounted for 7.2%, deposits from residents accounted for 92.8%; deposits under 12 months accounted for 61.8%, deposits in VND accounted for 98.5% of total mobilized capital.

Total outstanding loans of credit institutions in the province were estimated at VND 67,010 billion, increasing by 2.6% compared to December 31, 2020. In which: short-term loans accounted for 71.5%; medium and long-term loans accounted for 28.5%; loans in VND accounted for 91.9%; foreign currency loans accounted for 8.1%; loans to the fields of agriculture, forestry and fishery accounted for 20%; construction industry accounted for 32%; Trade and service sector accounted for 48% of total outstanding loans. The bad debt ratio of credit institutions in the area was estimated at 0.92% of the total outstanding loans of credit institutions.

Sales of payments through banks in the month were estimated at 115 trillion dong, increasing by 1.7% compared to March 2021. In the area, 189 ATMs and 709 devices accepting POS cards were installed in the area. The whole industry opened over 01 million accounts, issued over 1.2 million payment cards of all kinds; paid wages through accounts for 1,820 agencies with 160,000 employees receiving salary through accounts.

The whole industry provides timely and rationally structured cash for circulation to serve the needs of economic institutions and the people. Total cash collection was estimated at VND 43.5 trillion, increasing by 0.4% compared to March 2021; total cash expenditure was estimated at VND 42.3 trillion, increasing by 0.7% over the same period in 2020.


Author: Tran Nam
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