Mr. Nguyen Hong Chuyen, Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the Provincial Party Committee's Propaganda Committee congratulated the contestants who won the second prize of the 2019 Provincial Excellent Reporter Contest.


The Vietnamese traditional mindset of festivals is “Dad’s death anniversary is in August and Mother's death anniversary is in March”. Phu Giay Temple (Nam Dinh) is for the worship of Mother Lieu Hanh in March and Dong Bang (Thai Binh) is dedicated to the worship of King Bat Hai Dong Dinh in August.

As one of an earliest Communist party committees established in the country, over the past 90 years, under the leadership of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee, the local people have achieved great successes, contributing greatly to the vainglorious victory of the country's revolution, of the glorious tradition of the Party and the nation.

Nearly 60 years have passed, the memory of solidarity and mutual support between the people of Thai Binh who followed the call of the Party, the State to enter Vinh Long with the desire to contribute part of the effort to make the South catch up with the North, still remains. It reminds the later generations to follow the tradition, joining hands to build the land located in the South West region to develop.

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