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Outstanding features of Thai Binh people and land

Compared to other localities in the Red River Delta region and the whole country, Thai Binh province has its own characteristics of natural, economic, social and population factors. These characteristics have influenced the formation of Thai Binh people’s character.

Compared to other localities in the Red River Delta region and the whole country, Thai Binh province has its own characteristics of natural, economic, social and population factors. These characteristics have influenced the formation of Thai Binh people’s character.

Photo: Thanh Tam
According to research documents on the development history of the Red River Delta, a part of the land in the North and Northwest of Thai Binh province has a history of 3,000 - 2,000 years. The land area in the center of the province has a history of 2,000 - 1,000 years. Most of the remaining land in the province has a history of 1,000 years, almost parallel to the formation of the current coast. The history of land formation was basically like that, but the villages in Thai Binh were formed early and later differently, not completely following that trend because from the 10th century onwards, the need to explore new lands was not really urgent. From the 11th century onwards, the work of river digging, embankment, water treatment and sea dyke encroachment in Thai Binh has been increasingly expanded, so the villages of approximately 1,000 years old account for a fair high proportion in Thai Binh.

According to the results of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary scientific research, it shows that Thai Binh residents mainly originated from the Northern midland and mountainous areas, and the North and Central regions. They have continuously moved to this land to settle down. It can be generalized that Thai Binh residents are basically a combination of the migration process of the residents' flows for the following reasons:

            - As a result of the reclamation process: In addition to the free migration to find out about this land, there were reclamations by the Dinh - Ly - Tran - Le dynasties, especially under the Nguyen dynasty.

             - As a result of wars or clashes between villages which led to the adventure of finding this "coastal area" for the sake of peace and career.

            - Due to the policy of granting land and granting fortune, feudal scholarships of feudal dynasties to the princes and generals. Most of the people who were granted land had brought their servants to expand their estate.

             - When the villages had been established; the fishing industry and the cultivation of rice and crops have been shaped, a significant part of later residents including the craftsmen arrived for production and selling handicraft products, production tools.
Being a fertile land with intermittent river systems, there are many advantages for cultivating wet rice and fishing, so since ancient times, there has been a flow of residents attracted to Thai Binh soon became a land full of people, soon became the "storehouse of people and goods" of the nation.

A quite unique feature of Thai Binh is its high population density. According to the archives, in 1931 the average population density of the provinces in the Red River Delta was 430 people /km2, Thai Binh was 593 people / km2. At that time, the population of Thai Binh was approximately 1 million, which was identified as the most populous province in Tonkin. In 1936, a French scholar wrote in a commentary on Thai Binh Province: "Thai Binh Province means complete peace, "with 1 million people, is one of the largest and most important province of Tonkin, it is undeniable ... If the number of 1 million people was acknowledged, people would consider Thai Binh province as one of the most populous areas of the earth ... ”.

According to statistics in 2004, Thai Binh had more than 1.8 million people, with a population density of more than 1,200 people / km2, 6 times higher than the average density of Vietnam. Due to the reason of being a crowded land, Thai Binh people are work generally hardworking, careful in using their resources.

Thai Binh residents are the convergence of residents of many regions who flocked to live together. However soon after that the province became crowded and as a result they had to travel to other regions outside the province and abroad to earn their livings. Relationships and blood relations between the old and the new hometowns to some extent contribute to the formation of open characters of Thai Binh people. On the other hand, due to the fact that the residents of each village come from different places the spirit of democracy in Thai Binh village always excel. It can also be seen that Thai Binh people who live far away from the province are easy to adapt to the new environment and easily achieve in many fields thanks to their diligence, thriftiness, openness, dare to think and dare to do.
Because the province has three sides adjacent to the river, one side to the sea, generations of Thai Binh residents often face forces from abroad invading our country. "Only strong minded people can face such a challenge". In addition to the permanent mission to fight foreign invaders, generations of residents in this land also have to be tenacious facing strong waves and winds to fight against many types of invaders coming in from the sea. This situation has molded the spirit of martial arts, agitation and then in every era there are usually leaders of anti-aggression and anti-oppressive leaders. When deciding to establish Thai Binh province, the Governor-General of Indochina explained in a report to the French Colonial Ministry that: “The people in this area were unruly and difficult to rule, therefore we  had to set up a separate province to rule". In another way, we can also see the dynamic and inquisitive personality of Thai Binh people through the fondness of learning tradition. After nearly 1,000 years of Confucianism, the whole country had nearly 3,000 high-ranking intellectuals, Thai Binh had more than 120 people, including famous martial artists and writers, of whom the most typical was Le Quy Don.
Due to the characteristics of the origin of the people, Thai Binh is a place of convergence and spread of cultural and civilized nuances of the Northern Delta. So far, Thai Binh has preserved a huge treasure of cultural heritage with ancient architectural works, traditional festivals in the spirit of "in the morning: water puppet, in the evening: cheo folk singing" and many kinds of folk performances. imbued with traditional Vietnamese culture. Those are cultural heritage reflecting the pompous and delicate qualities of Thai Binh people. The treasure of folk songs and proverbs of Thai Binh still preserves thousands of mottos reflecting the characteristics of Thai Binh people, including the characteristics of each village, such as: “Playing with Dong Trung people losing both pot and its cover ”; "Playing with Phu Soc people then crying and coming back"; "Playing with Nguyen Xa people losing your cheek and butt" ...

In addition, Thai Binh is also a place called "good land for birds to settle". The two great poets of the nation, Nguyen Trai and Nguyen Du, are the sons in law of Thai Binh. Nguyen Cong Tru was born in Thai Binh, in his childhood he was deeply involved in the culture of this land and raised his ambition to "have something to offer the country" and he returned the meaning of being born in Thai Binh by setting up Tien Hai district by pouring soil into low sea. We also need to be aware of the fact that from the past until now, there have been many people who thanks to the early life in Thai Binh made great successes latter in their lives.

Due to the heroic culture, at every stage in this land there are always heroes and talented people. Solidarity and democracy, courage and firmness, love for learning and eagerness to move forward, easy adaptation to new living environment, willingness to sacrifice oneself to the great meaning are the outstanding qualities of Thai Binh residents. It is possible to generalize the basic features that are the characteristics of Thai Binh people which were formed and developed from the "three seas": the human sea - the rice sea - the East Sea. This "three seas" used to have a special role and position in every historical period of the nation. Certainly, on the path of integration and development, the potentials and advantages of land and residents of Thai Binh will be exploited and promoted appropriately so that Thai Binh -"sea of ​​rice and sea of ​​people on the East coast" will soon become a strong and civilized province.



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