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Sustainable development under leadership of glorious Party

As one of an earliest Communist party committees established in the country, over the past 90 years, under the leadership of Thai Binh Provincial Party Committee, the local people have achieved great successes, contributing greatly to the vainglorious victory of the country's revolution, of the glorious tradition of the Party and the nation.

The memorial house of Thu Vu Party unit, Hung Nhuong village, Vu Hoi commune (Vu Thu).

Part 1: The first bright spot in the dawn of Vietnam's revolutionary history

In the end of June, 1929, at No. 9, Lane 1, Duyne Pickles street, Thai Binh town (nowadays Vong Cung street, Thai Binh city), the Indochina Communist Party Committee of Thai Binh province was established. The fire of the patriotism and revolutionary ideology brought about by the committee lit a miraculous light, illuminating the path to freedom and independence for people of Thai Binh.

Right from the mid-twenties of the twentieth century, a number of patriotic young people in Thai Binh namely: Nguyen Cong Thu, Nguyen Danh Tho, Nguyen Danh Doi, Nguyen Tuong Loan, Vu Trong ... had set off to Guangzhou. (China) to attend a course taught by supreme leader Nguyen Ai Quoc. In early 1927, two units of the Vietnam Youth Revolutionary Association were established in Minh Thanh Private School (Thai Binh town) and Trinh Pho village (Kien Xuong). Subsequently, youth units strongly developed in almost every district in the province.

Along with the development of the organization, preparation, propaganda and training activities to attract people’s participation had also been promoted. The provincial youth communist Union ordered the labor union, youth union, student union and women's union to be established with a view to uniting people of all ages and genders in the society under the leadership of the Vietnam Revolutionary Youth Association to fight against both the French colonial government and the cruel feudal system.

 The people’s fight back then focused on economic objectives such as struggling against over-collection of tax, appropriation of public land, along with demanding for reduction of tax and tribute; ... These aforementioned efforts’ aim was to lower the prestige of the local landlords, simultaneously demand practical benefits for the people. The positive activities of the Vietnam Youth Revolution Association signified the ripe ideological preparation for the birth of the first Communist Party Committee in Thai Binh.

Thai Binh- a rising city

Right from the beginning of 1929, being aware of the urgent need and development trend of the revolutionary movement, some progressive comrades in the Tonkin youth were soon inclined to establish a new Communist Party. On June 17th, 1929, the Indochinese Communist Party was established, proclaimed the Party's outline and declaration; issued the “hammer and sickle” - the official newspaper of the Party. In Thai Binh, the proposal of establishing the Communist Party was brought about by the representative of the Party Committee at the provincial Youth Union Congress in January 1929, which was discussed and then fully approved by the Congress delegates. After the imperative preparation process, at the end of June 1929, at house number 9, lane 1, Duyne Pickles street, Thai Binh town (now Vong Cung street, Thai Binh city), the provincial committee of The Thai Binh Youth Revolution organized a meeting to discuss the establishment of the Party Committee. After the declaration of the establishment of Indochina Communist Party, the conference announced the dissolution of the Vietnam Youth Revolutionary Association, at the same time discussed the set-up of the Party unit. The conference also decided to dissolve the Provincial Executive Committee of the Vietnam Youth Revolution Association into the Provincial Party Committee of the Party Committee. The meeting unanimously elected comrade Tong Van Pho to be the first Secretary of the Thai Binh Party Committee. After its establishment, the Party Committee continuously strengthened its organization and developed its forces to localities in the province. Only in July 1929, the whole province had 6 new branches established, namely: Thu Vu (Thu Tri - Vu Tien), Trinh Pho Street (Kien Xuong), Than Duyen (Tien Hung) - Duyen Ha), Thai Binh town (Thai Binh city), Da Cao (Da Coc - Cao Thuong, ​ Kien Xuong), Tien Hai. There were 52 people belonging to different Party units in the two districts of Thai Ninh and Thuy Anh from the end of 1929 to July 1930. In January 1930, An Hiep Party Unit - the first Party unit of Quynh Coi district was established. In February 1930, Dong Linh unit (formerly Phu Duc district) was established

After the establishment of the Provincial Party Committee, in the event of World Anti-Imperial War day (August 1, 1929), Thai Binh Party Committee decided to hold a flag meeting and spread propaganda leaflets to introduce the newborn Communist Party to the people, at the same time called for resistance against the slavish regime, under the revolutionary banner. On the night of July 31st, dawn on August 1st, 1929, leaflets were distributed, banners were posted in various places in the province. On the morning of August 1, 1929, a communist flag with the words "Dong Duong Cong San Dang" fluttered at the top of Thai Binh town (in front of the former Department of Industry gate, opposite the nowadays flower garden - Le Loi street today). In Kien Xuong District, many places with the present of the communist party also organized flags hanging and distributing propaganda leaflets introducing the Party's birth. In particular, Nam Huan unit sent Mr. Pham Luan and Pham Kim Ton to parade flags, spread leaflets, and put up slogans at the gate of Kien Xuong government building - the den of rotten local officials. This event was a huge encouragement to the people in the district, confusing Kien Xuong colonial governor Le Dinh Tran and his accomplices. Trinh Pho Unit also organized flags hanging and leaflet distribution on World Day against imperial war. The first Party flags were totally cheering and encouraging to the people struggling for independence under the Party's glorious flag.

It is evident that Thai Binh is one of the early bright spots in the dawn of Vietnam's revolutionary history. Over many hardships and sacrifices, over the past 90 years, Thai Binh Party Committee has not only led the army and people through brave, tenaciously wars, but also attained many achievements in the struggle for national liberation and Homeland defense, contributing to the country’s revolutionary movement.

Mr. Vu Duc Nhuan, Vu Hoi commune, Vu Thu district

 “I am always proud of being a member of the Communist Party of Vietnam, standing in the ranks of the Party for more than 40 years and moreover, I’m proud when I was born in the homeland of Hoi Khe – the place of establishment of Thu Vu Party unit- the first communist party unit of Thu Tri –former Vu Tien district. It can be affirmed that 90 years is a tough journey but the Communist Party of Vietnam has led our people through a rout full of victories. The rich practices of the Vietnamese revolution since the birth of the Party have proved that the sound leadership of the Party is the leading factor determining all victories of the Vietnamese revolution”.

Mr. Vu Dang Ngu, Thuy Hung commune, Thai Thuy district

 “Being a member for of the Party 65 years, I have always felt extremely lucky and proud. It is more proud when I am a man of Thai Binh homeland where revolutionary movement was early established and Party Committee was established. Over the past 90 years, Thai Binh people have always promoted the tradition of patriotism and revolution; always believed, loved the Party and followed its command, achieving great success not only in combat, but also in production, driving the people to defeat the French colonialist, American imperialist, reconstructing a rich, beautiful and civilized homeland”

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