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Echoing the “Five tons” song

Thai Binh is an agricultural province, but in recent years, the role of industry, science, technology, commerce and services has increasingly played an important role in the economic picture.



Take off from the village fields

Thai Binh is an agricultural province, but in recent years, the role of industry, science, technology, commerce and services has increasingly played an important role in the economic picture. In previous years, businesses of Thai Binh province were mostly small businesses with small capital, outdated technology, low competitiveness led to many difficulties in production, business as well as development investment.

However, now businesses in Thai Binh are gradually reaching out to domestic, regional and world markets, affirming Thai Binh's product brands. There are many businesses that have started up from the province's strength in agriculture or used locally available agricultural products to create new products for export to the world, of which Thai Binh Seed Group Joint Stock Company and Bao Hung International Joint Stock Company are two typical enterprises.


Mr. Tran Manh Bao always wondered how to build Thai Binh rice seed, from which to create Thai Binh rice brand.

Going up from agriculture and gradually occupying high-tech agriculture, it is ThaiBinh Seed Group Joint Stock Company. With nearly 50 years of construction and development, from a small provincial enterprise, ThaiBinh Seed Group JSC. has strived to become a leading enterprise in the Vietnam seed industry. The brand "Thai Binh Rice Seed" is well-known both at home and abroad. Mr. Tran Manh Bao, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ThaiBinh Seed Group JSC., said: Agriculture is always the most difficult field: Low profits, high risks because of depending on weather, climate, soil, water, etc.... It is also the first challenge for those who want to start a business in the agricultural sector. In addition, when working in agriculture, people have to work and stick with farmers, who have limited economic conditions, scientific and technological awareness as well as the ability to organize production. Therefore, ThaiBinh Seed always acknowledges all issues frankly, finds ways to overcome limitations and promote the available strengths to succeed. The generations of scientific researchers and agricultural officials of ThaiBinh Seed have been to leading agricultural countries in the world such as the United States, Israel, Japan, and Denmark to learn and acquire scientific and technical advances. Therefore, ThaiBinh Seed is a pioneer in the process of innovation, leading in the industrialization of the seed industry in Vietnam, establishing a new product research center, successfully implementing the program to link "4 groups" and consumption of agricultural products in Thai Binh. The company is also the first in the seed industry in Vietnam to build a national laboratory and implement three international quality management systems (ISO 9001-2008, ISO 17025 and TQM) ... The company has a team of experts and engineers with high qualifications and trained, both at home and abroad, with extensive experience in researching, selecting, breeding and organizing the production and trading of plant varieties along with the distribution system throughout the country. The company also owns a high-quality seed processing factory based on European advanced technology, which is also the most modern seed processing factory in Vietnam, with a capacity of 10,000 tons/year; The average growth target will reach 20-30%/year. The company is continuing to build and protect the brand name "Thai Binh Rice Seed" and successfully develop the brand name "Thai Binh Rice"; developing the domestic market, gradually reaching out to the overseas market.


At Bao Hung Company, the most modern line of the world's leading equipment supplier - Haas Meincke A/S Company has been invested and installed.

At present, Bao Hung's products have been exported to difficult markets specializing in confectionery production.

The "Five tons" homeland in the resistance against the American now is not only famous for rice but also known for the audacity of many businesses in all fields and industries, such as Bao Hung International Joint Stock Company - a business in Thai Binh specializing in the confectionery industry for nearly 30 years. Currently, Bao Hung has the leading modern production line in Southeast Asia with products that have been exported to fastidious markets specializing in confectionery production such as Taiwan, Korea, Japan...

In the present time, when imported confectionery is strongly penetrating our market through the official channels as well as hand-carried goods and constantly increasing market share from urban to rural areas, Bao Hung is proud of their business results in both domestic and export markets with better results every years. That is a firm affirmation of beliefs and support of consumers for a Vietnamese business that is always striving to bring consumers the most delicious, safe and quality products.

Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau at the ceremony to receive the title of a new rural commune of Quynh Bao commune (Quynh Phu district).

Reaching out to the sea

Along with the rise of businesses in the province, we should not fail to mention the businesses of Thai Binh children who are far from home, living and working in all regions of the country. With their own talents and dedication, they are writing down the imprints of the image of a Thai Binh rising and reaching out on the path of innovation.

Leaving his hometown Quynh Bao commune (Quynh Phu district) for 50 years, Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Dat Viet Pottery Joint Stock Company always considers “trees have roots and water has its source”. Immediately after retiring as General Director of Viglacera Ha Long Corporation - where he was awarded the title of Labor Hero, he immediately started to build Dat Viet Pottery. With the mind that: I went up from the poor countryside, having succeeded to the present day, I must make more efforts to return to contribute to the construction of my homeland, it has urged him not to be discouraged by difficulties. So far, overcoming the challenging period, Dat Viet Pottery products have become the pride of Vietnam's baked clay industry.

Concerned with the homeland, many times longing to return to his hometown to start business, Mr. Mau brought Thai Binh soils to analyze their mineral and chemical composition but the plain land was not suitable for the baked clay industry. Therefore, he thought that he should make an effort in his work and encourage his relatives, the children of Thai Binh, to expect every employee to be enthusiastically creative so that even if they went to all regions of the country, they would always deserve to be the sons of the "five tons" homeland and from which, actively contribute to building the better Thai Binh homeland.


Entrepreneur Ngo Van Phat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phu Thanh Group Joint Stock Company (the second from the right) checks the progress of 221A road.

At the end of the year, on the construction site of route 221A in Tien Hai district, three crews of workers are working busily. Taking advantage of the dry season, not caring much about Tet holiday, they have the same determination to perform the job as quickly as possible. The goal is set that after 26 months, the route will be handed over, but Entrepreneur Ngo Van Phat and Phu Thanh Group Joint Stock Company believe that, with a shorter time, the best and the most beautiful road will officially be put into operation, opening a new and prosperous page for his hometown. As a son of the"Five tons" hometown, going up from hardship, listening to the sound of Con Vanh fluttering waves, walking on the roads of his homeland, more than anyone, Mr. Ngo Van Phat understands the meaning and value that 221A road brings back when it is completed. In his younger years, he went to many regions of the S-shaped land, traveled everywhere until he is "old", he returned to his father's land, Mr. Phat thought that: I only had one desire to enrich and beautify my homeland with all my abilities, strength and love of this land’s son.

The children far from home as Labor Hero Nguyen Quang Mau, Entrepreneur Ngo Van Phat ... and many other Thai Binh people are living and working in all parts of the country with their talents and dedication, day by day, they continue writing the "song of five tons" to create more imprints on the image of Thai Binh province - a rising land, reaching out for innovation.

Enterprises are growing and more new enterprises have come to this land, which has become a driving force for socio-economic development.

During the war against the US, Thai Binh wrote a "Five tons” song as a symbol of solidarity, heroism, and agility with both intensive farming and brave fighting and winning. Up to now, that spirit has always been followed with the higher aspirations by the next generations of the "five tons" homeland - those who have made efforts to overcome difficulties and rise to become typical examples in all fields.


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