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Thai Binh: 10 outstanding achievements and events in 2019

 1 - Issue many important resolutions in a timely manner, closely relevant to the actual situation, in line with the local people's minds

 1 - Issue many important resolutions in a timely manner, closely relevant to the actual situation, in line with the local people's minds

 The Executive Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee issued Resolution No. 03-NQ/TU on building a new countryside associated with the restructuring of the Agriculture sector in the period of 2018 - 2020, with a vision to 2030; Resolution No. 04-NQ/TU on enhancing education on traditions of culture, patriotism and revolution of Thai Binh for cadres, party members and all classes of people; Resolution No. 05-NQ / TU on building a model new rural residential area, model people's cemetery; Resolution No. 07-NQ/TU on developing commercial buffalo and cow herds in the linked chain period 2019 - 2025 and the following years. These are resolutions that help guide the policy and set out solutions.

2 - The Prime Minister has approved the master plan on construction of Thai Binh economic zone

On July 29, 2017, the Prime Minister issued the Decision on the establishment of Thai Binh Economic Zone; On October 28, 2019, the Prime Minister issued the Decision approving the General Planning for construction of Thai Binh Economic Zone, Thai Binh Province until 2040, with a vision to 2050. This is an important event, marking a new milestone in the roadmap for building Thai Binh Economic Zone - the 17th one in the system of national economic zones, contributing to creating a new driving force, promoting socio-economic development of provinces and cities in the region in general, of Thai Binh province in particular. Together with announcing the planning and building policies to attract investment in the economic zone, Thai Binh has approved allowing infrastructure investors doing research and proposed planning of 15 industrial parks and public clusters in the economic zone with a total area of ​​5,000 hectares. There are 75 valid investment projects in the economic zone with registered investment capital of 13,538 billion dong.

3 - Many key projects and works of the province have been started, inaugurated and put into operation and approved in terms of investment proposal.

Some key projects have been started: The coastal road in Thai Binh province, the project of industrial zone specializing in serving agriculture in the Northern Delta; Thai Binh International General Hospital with the scale of 1,000 beds ... Some projects have been inaugurated: Thai Binh 1 Thermal Power Plant, National Highway 37 and a bridge across the Hoa River (connecting Thai Binh with provinces and cities in the northern coastal region), La Tien road and bridge (connecting Thai Binh with Hung Yen) ... Some projects’ investment proposals have been approved: The road from Thai Binh city to the Nghin Bridge. These are big projects with a particularly important role, creating a driving force for Thai Binh to develop strongly and make a breakthrough in the coming time.

4 - For the fourth consecutive year, the economic growth rate reached 2 digits; State budget revenue continued to achieve high results

In 2019, Thai Binh's economy continued to be stable and maintained a fairly good growth momentum, continuing to reach 2 digits. Gross domestic product (GRDP) increased by 10.3%, total production value increased by 14% compared to 2018. Economic structure changed positively. Attracting investment, business development continued to increase strongly. Registered investment capital was 2.5 times higher than the previous year. Budget revenue from internal economy exceeded nearly 35% of the estimate and increased 20.6% over the previous year. Domestic revenue was estimated at over 8,400 billion. The total investment capital for development of the whole society increased nearly 2 times compared to the plan.

5- Seven/seven districts, 263/263 communes completed national criteria for building a new countryside

 As of December 31, 2019, the whole province had 7/7 districts, 263/263 communes completing the national criteria for building a new countryside; 01 commune was recognized to meet the standards of a new improved countryside. Thai Binh is the province with the highest number of communes meeting new rural standards in the country and is one of eight provinces praised by the Prime Minister. Rural area in Thai Binh has many changes; the material and spiritual life of the rural people has been improved. The gap between the material and spiritual life of the countryside and the cityhas been narrowed.

6 - 280 villages and residential groups were merged; 80% of administrative procedures are resolved at a place.

Party building and rectification has been implemented comprehensively in aspects of politics, ideology, organization and ethics. Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, Provincial People's Committee directed and effectively implemented Resolution No. 18, 19 of Central Conference 6 (Session XII) on streamlining apparatus. The province has implemented the arrangement of communal administrative units, village and residential group merger. As a result, 280 out of 2,077 villages and residential groups (13.5%) have been merged cutting 2,419 part-time jobs in villages and residential groups.

Thai Binh has stepped up the implementation of solving over 80% of administrative procedures at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center, and ath the offices of districts and cities. This not only creates satisfaction, shortens time, saves costs for people and businesses, but also contributes to promoting administrative reform, improving the investment and business environment, and improving the index of provincial competitiveness of Thai Binh.

7 - The Health sector had many breakthroughs in technical expertise; nearly 90% of the population participates in health insurance

The emergency work, medical examination and treatment at medical facilities are always available 24/24 hours; the quality of treatment has been improved. Hospitals continued to develop many new techniques, including specialized techniques for the first time applied in the province (cardiovascular intervention, open-heart surgery, putting radiation therapy center into operation to serve patients at the Provincial general hospital) meeting the needs of medical examination and treatment right in the province, reducing number of patients who are sent to the central hospitals. In addition, the Health sector organized strict supervision of epidemic prevention and control, and strictly maintained activities to ensure food safety and hygiene. There was no large-scale epidemic and food poisoning in the province. Medical examination and treatment with health insurance has been maintained, the proportion of population participating in health insurance reached nearly 90%.

8 - Player Doan Van Hau and many Thai Binh athletes excellently competed at SEA Games 30

In the list of national teams participating in the 30th SEA Games, Thai Binh had 6 athletes competing in badminton, karate, wushu and boat racing. Athlete Bui Truong Giang was honored to win a gold medal for wushu; athlete Ta Thanh Huyen and his teammates won a silver medal in rowing boat racing; athlete Pham Truong An won a bronze medal in karate. In particular, player Doan Van Hau, from Hong Minh commune (Hung Ha) excelled scored 2 goals in the final, contributing to the U22 football team in Vietnam to win the 30th SEA Games gold medal. In 2019, Thai Binh athletes participated in 38 high-achievement sports competitions with 40 gold medals, 32 silver medals, 49 bronze medals.

9 - National defense and security continued to be maintained, social order and safety were guaranteed


10 - African swine fever epidemic occurred in 281 communes, wards and towns, over 377,400 pigs were destroyed

In 2019, the epidemic of African swine fever develops very complicatedly, causing serious damage to the farmers and pig farming industry of the province. Disease outbreaks have occurred in 281 communes, wards and towns in 7 districts and 1 city with the total number of pigs destroyed over 377,400, total weight of 18,813,595 kg. The Provincial Party Committee and Provincial People's Committee have led and drastically directed measures to prevent, combat, suppress the epidemic and overcome the damage caused by the epidemic; implemented solutions to restructure the livestock industry through the development of buffalo and commercial cattle herds in a linked chain for the stable and sustainable development of the livestock industry.



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