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Thái Bình: Key achievements after 130 years of establishment

Thai Binh province was founded 130 years ago, but the land and Thai Binh people have existed for thousands of years, witnessing many significant events and victories of Thai Binh people in the construction and protection of the homeland and the country.


Thai Binh province was founded 130 years ago, but the land and Thai Binh people have existed for thousands of years, witnessing many significant events and victories of Thai Binh people in the construction and protection of the homeland and the country.

Thai Binh province was founded 130 years ago, but the land and Thai Binh people have existed for thousands of years, witnessing many significant events and victories of Thai Binh people in the construction and protection of the homeland and the country. The history of development, the thousands of years of cultural traditions of the land and Thai Binh people are the solid roots for the the fact that in every period of the history of the nation Thai Binh people always make glorious merits. In the process of development, especially since there was the Communist Party's leadership, the qualities and traditions of Thai Binh people have been constantly promoted. They are the causes to create strength for the Party Committee and people of Thai Binh to overcome all difficulties and challenges and achieve relatively comprehensive victories over historical periods, making an important contribution to the development of the nation.

Since the establishment of the province, patriotic writers and patriots in all districts of the province have simultaneously stood up to lead people in the province to fight against the enemy in different forms. In the early years of the twentieth century, Thai Binh was one of the provinces with the most thriving patriotic movements following the bourgeois democracy movement. A series of young people in Thai Binh were eager to emigrate such as Ngo Quang Doan, Le Van Tap, Hoang Chuyen, Dao Nguyen Pho, Nguyen Huu Cuong, Pham Tu Truc. Although patriotic movements following the bourgeois democracy movement were ultimately suppressed by the French colonialists, this was an important basis for expressing the people's will of independence and autonomy. At the same time, it was the basis and conditions for Marxism-Leninism to penetrate Thai Binh and help to establish the Vietnam Youth Revolution Association in early 1927.

Right after the Vietnam Youth Revolutionary Association was developed in the country, in early 1927, in Thai Binh, the first two branches of Youth Revolutionary Association were established at Minh Thanh Private School (Town) and Trinh Pho (Kien Xuong). With the leadership of the Vietnam Youth Revolution Association, the revolutionary movement in Thai Binh had changed to a new stage.  The spread of Marxism-Leninism was carried out widely among the masses. After the birth of the Communist Party of Vietnam, large-scale, coordinated struggles from different localities in the province broke out continuously. That was the demonstration of farmers Duyen Ha - Tien Hung on May 1st, 1930, the demonstration of farmers in Tien Hai on October 14th, 1930. These events created favorable conditions for the Thai Binh Party Committee to accumulate initial experiences in the process of leading a local revolutionary movement. Over 15 years, under the leadership of the Party, all classes of Thai Binh people have trained in hardship, sacrificed, persevered, and devoted all the effort to the Party to build the revolutionary government.

In August 1945, when there was the General Uprising Order, Thai Binh was one of the earliest provinces to take power in the country. Within 6 days (from August 18, 1945 to August 23, 1945), the revolutionary government was formed. Over a year (9/1945 -12/1946) of revolutionary struggle, Thai Binh Party Committee and people overcame many difficulties and hardships and won important victories in the fight against foreign enemies to maintain and consolidate the revolutionary government. Thai Binh maintained order and security, overcame flooding and hunger, built a revolutionary force, eliminated illiteracy and prepared for the resistance war. Just within 1946, Thai Binh had the honor to welcome Uncle Ho twice.

With the intent to invade our country again, the French colonialists betrayed and went against the conditions in the Preliminary Agreement dated March 6, 1946 and Provisional Treaty 14-9-1946. On February 8, 1950, the French colonialists concentrated their forces to attack Thai Binh. Promoting the tradition of patriotism against foreign aggression, the army and people in the province, under the leadership of the Party, have bravely and steadfastly fought fiercely with the enemy, kept the land and the village, gained mastery in all aspects and liberated Thai Binh in June 1954. Together with the atmosphere of fighting against the French colonial invasion of the whole country, tens of thousands of Thai Binh young people have joined the army. Thousands of tons of food have been sent to Dien Bien Phu battlefield. At the end of the resistance war against the French, Thai Binh was awarded the flag "The army and the people share determination to destroy the enemy"; Nguyen Xa village was awarded the title "Model Resistance Village".

When peace was restored in the North (1954), Thai Binh people enthusiastically healed the wounds of the war, restored and developed the economy and culture. In 1958, the whole province had a good harvest; the informal learning movement constantly developed. The province gained the title of "All people literate". The people's material and spiritual life had been gradually improved. With that achievement, Thai Binh was honored to welcome Uncle Ho to visit for the third time. In 1962, witnessing the achievements of the army and people in the province, especially the achievement of building sea dykes, Uncle Ho visited Thai Binh for the fourth time.

The battle against the destructive war of the American enemy entered a fierce period. However Thai Binh maintained “No shortage of troops, no shortage of rice" and was the first province in the North to reach 5 tons of rice/ha. With that achievement, on December 31, 1966, Thai Binh was honored to welcome Uncle Ho to visit for the fifth time. Uncle said: “We must build Thai Binh into an exemplary province in all aspects".

With the spirit of "ready to go to the front" and "all for the South", 50,000 Thai Binh young people went to the army, participated in the combat and served the army. Across all fronts, Thai Binh was the province with the highest rate of military enlistment in the North compared to its population ratio.

Competing with the national heroic armed forces, the people and the armed forces of Thai Binh shot down 44 aircraft and 4 American warships. Following the slogan "Providing more rice and soldiers than assigned", during the two resistance wars, Thai Binh people contributed thousands of tons of food, significantly contributing to the national victory in uniting the two parts of the country. Following Uncle Ho's teachings: "There is nothing more precious than independence and freedom", with the spirit of "Providing more rice and soldiers than assigned" and “All for the South”, the Party and people of Thai Binh had mobilized all their effort for the frontline. Promoting the revolutionary patriotic tradition, young people of Thai Binh homeland fought, served the army, studied, worked and established excellent victories. Many Thai Binh people have been recorded in history glorious marks such as Nguyen Duc Canh, Vu Ngoc Nha, Nguyen Thi Chien, Ta Quoc Luat, Bui Quang Than, Hoang Van Thai, Pham Tuan ... . Many have been associated with great events of the Party and nation. Thai Binh Party Committee and people are proud of their worthy contributions to the cause of building socialism in the North, defeating the American invaders, liberating the South and reunifying the country.

Inheriting and promoting the traditional quintessence of the previous generations, on the journey of more than 30 years of renewal, Thai Binh Party Committee, government, army and people have actively found a new path to development. Starting from an agricultural province with a low economy, to carry out industrialization and modernization, Thai Binh has encountered many obstacles. Thai Binh Party Committee and people have been dynamic and creative, exploiting all potentials and strengths, taking advantage of all opportunities, overcoming all challenges for socio-economic development.

Under the light of the resolutions of the National Party Congress over the past terms, the Party Committee and people in the province continued to achieve many important and relatively comprehensive achievements. In the first twenty years of the renovation, Thai Binh successfully implemented the program "electricity, roads, schools, stations, information, clean water", dramatically changing the face of the countryside. To implement 5 economic development focuses set out in the 16th Congress, the province has built various industrial zones and clusters, promoted the development of craft and craft villages, changed the structure of plants and animals, farming in agriculture, formed a number of commodity production areas and developed marine economy. This helped to bring the province's economy out of stagnation, maintaining a fair annual growth rate of 7.2 %/year.

In recent years, in implementing the Resolution of the XII national Congress of the Party, the Resolution of the XIX Provincial Party Congress and the 5-year socio-economic development plan 2016-2020, besides the advantages, there are still many difficulties and challenge. However, with the leadership, direction and assistance from the Central, the Provincial Party Committee, government, Fatherland Front and mass organizations, business communities and people in the province have strived to achieve important results in all fields. The economy continued to be stable and maintained fairly good growth momentum. In 2019, the gross domestic product (GRDP) was estimated to reach 10.3% compared to 2018, higher than planned. Total production value was estimated to increase 14%; economic structure continued to shift positively. Many guidelines and policies continued to be implemented synchronously, such as land accumulation, hi-tech agricultural development, investment attraction, implementation of the criteria for a commune meeting the new rural standard. The province has completed the rural clean water program; 100% of rural households have been provided with clean water.

In agricultural production, rice varieties and cultivating methods continue to change. The program of building large fields, linking production and consumption in agriculture has been expanded. The province has well implemented measures to prevent, stamp out the epidemic and overcome the damage caused by African swine fever; at the same time, implementing preferential and supportive policies to promote the development of cattle husbandry in the province. Aquaculture and fishing develop stably. Irrigation, dike maintenance and natural disaster prevention measures have been actively and proactively implemented. The management of natural resources and the environment has been strengthened.

New rural construction has been focused. Up to now, 100% of communes and districts in the province have completed the new rural criteria; of which 263/263 communes and 4/7 districts were recognized as meeting the national standards; 01 commune was recognized as meeting the new rural improved standards. The remaining 3 districts are submitting to the Prime Minister for approval. The rural areas have many improvements. The people's material and spiritual life continues to be improved.

The socio-cultural field has made many progresses. Social security is focused on; the people's material and spiritual life has been raised. The poverty rate continued to decrease to 2.85%. Military and defense have been strengthened. The province has successfully organized the provincial defense area drills, meeting the set requirements and well selected citizens to enlist. Stable political security, social safety and order have been maintained. There is no organized crime, gangs or dangerous criminal gangs. Violation of social order and safety decreased by 8.8%; traffic accident decreased in all 3 indexes.

Citizen reception and the resolution of complaints and denunciations of citizens have been strictly maintained. The construction of the government continues to be paid attention and well implemented. The merger of public non-business units and the reorganizing of communal administrative units according to resolutions of the Central Government have been carried out. The administrative reform continues to be drastically directed. The dealing with administrative procedures according to the plan "5 in one place" at the Provincial Public Administration Service Center and at the district level has been implemented, facilitating and reducing time for businesses and people.

Party building and political system continue to be focused and innovated. The ideological work is directed and implemented synchronously and effectively with many innovative and creative solutions. The province has timely grasped, propagated, disseminated and implemented resolutions, conclusions, directives and regulations of the Party Central Committee, policies and laws of the State; resolutions, conclusions and guidelines of the Provincial Party Executive Committee, the Provincial Standing Committee; key political tasks in 2019. Anniversaries, major holidays of the country, of the province, 50th anniversary of implementing the will of President Ho Chi Minh (1969-2019) have been well organized, maintaining the working order and ideological orientation for cadres, party members and people; strengthening management tasks, combating and disproving bad and harmful information on the Internet.

The Politburo's Directive No. 05-CT / TW, the Central Resolution 4, term XII and the 2019 symposium on "Building a sense of respect for the people, promoting democracy, taking care of people's lives according to Ho Chi Minh ideology, morality and style have been seriously and effectively implemented.

Party organizing has been focused, achieving positive results. The organizational apparatus and staff work have focused on continuing to implement the plans of streamlining the organizational apparatus of the provincial political system, effective operating associated with streamlining payrolls and identifying job placement according to the spirit of Central Resolution 6, 7 term XII and resolutions of the National Assembly and Government.  Leaders and managers have been evaluated to ensure objectivity, openness, democracy and substance.

The review, adjustment and supplementation of the planning for leadership and management titles for the term 2015-2020, 2016-2021 and terms of 2020-2025, 2021-2026 have been completed. The province has promptly consolidated and supplemented Party committees at all levels for the 2015-2020 term, leadership positions and deficient management positions in branches and localities in association with mobilization, rotation, appointment of staff, and introduction of staff to stand for election in accordance with the process, conditions and standards of staff; directed and implemented the plan to organize the party congress at all levels towards the XIII National Congress of the Party in the spirit of Directive No. 35-CT / TW of the Politburo. The protection of internal politics, the implementation of the policy of cadres and party members and the emulation and commendation work in the Party have been implemented in a timely and strict manner.

The inspection, supervision and discipline of the Party have been strengthened, ensuring compliance with the Party's Charter. The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee has issued the regulations on the inspection, supervision and enforcement of party discipline according to the regulations and guidance of the Central Government. Commissions,  inspection committees at all levels actively formulated and implemented the inspection and supervision program in 2019; focused on inspection and supervision of the observance of the Party's resolutions, decisions and regulations, the State's policies and laws, working regulations, the democratic centralization principle, the exercise of responsibility;  directed and guided the party committees of communes, wards to inspect according to the regulations No. 20, 21-QD /TU of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee.
Internal affairs, anti-corruption and wastefulness have received attention, leadership, and direction. The declaration of property has been implemented. Citizen reception and the settlement of complaints and denunciations at 06 agencies and units according to Directive No. 33-CT / TW and Directive No. 35-CT / TW of the Politburo (Session XI) have been carried out. Judicial reform tasks have been carried out in a number of localities, agencies and units. The Regulation on the responsibilities of the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee in receiving the people, having direct dialogue with the people and handling complaints and petitions of the people has been well implemented.
The work of people mobilization focused on the propaganda and mobilization of the people to implement the Party's guidelines, the policies and laws of the State and the province, on carrying out the emulation movement "Mobilizing people with good skills" associated with the implementation of political tasks of each locality, agency and unit. The direction for the implementation of the Regulation on democracy at grassroots level and the Regulation on supervision and social criticism has been focused. The work relating to religion, human rights focused on examining, guiding and creating conditions for religious activities to comply with the law, promptly settling a number of cases of beliefs and religions at the grassroots level.

The Fatherland Front and mass organizations have had many reforms in terms of contents and modes of operation, strongly oriented towards the grassroots; actively promoted the mobilization of union members and members to well implement the Party's undertakings and guidelines, the State and local policies and laws, focusing on building the organization, taking care of the material and spiritual life of union members, providing vocational training and fostering scientific and technical knowledge; organizing patriotic emulation movements, campaigns associated with the performance of tasks of localities and units; participating in social criticism. The Grassroots Democracy Regulation and the Ordinance on Democracy in Communes, Wards and Towns have been well implemented. The Provincial Fatherland Front and the Provincial Youth Union have completed the congresses for the term of 2019 - 2024.
With such above great excellent achievements, contributions and sacrifices in the resistance wars, in building socialism and defending the country, Party Committee, government, the armed forces and the people of Thai Binh province have been awarded many awards and noble titles by the Party, State and central ministries and agencies: Independence Medal, Ho Chi Minh Medal, Military Merit Medal, Victory Medal, Hero of the People's Armed Forces, Labor Hero, etc. Up to now, there have been 332,827 people recognized by the State for their merit to the revolution, of which 916 people are recognized as contributing to pre-stage revolution. 258 people have been recognized as pre-insurgent officers; over 5,000 mothers awarded the title "Vietnamese Heroic Mother"; nearly 50,000 families with meritorious services to the country. More than 50,000 people of the Thai Binh died during the two wars; 32 thousand wounded and sick soldiers. 6,000 resistance activists were arrested and imprisoned by the enemy; over 100 collectives, nearly 100 individuals have been awarded the title Hero of the People's Armed Forces and Labor Hero.

To celebrate the 130th anniversary of the establishment of the province, the Provincial Party Committee, government, armed forces and people of Thai Binh continue to promote the glorious revolutionary tradition, the spirit of solidarity,  make efforts, overcome difficulties and challenges to successfully implement the objectives of the 12th National Party Congress Resolution and the resolutions of the Party Congress at all levels for the term 2015-2020, helping Thai Binh develop rapidly and sustainably, contributing to the successful implementation of the national goal of building strong country, rich people and a democratic, fair and civilized society.



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