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Thai Binh people in Vinh Long

Nearly 60 years have passed, the memory of solidarity and mutual support between the people of Thai Binh who followed the call of the Party, the State to enter Vinh Long with the desire to contribute part of the effort to make the South catch up with the North, still remains. It reminds the later generations to follow the tradition, joining hands to build the land located in the South West region to develop.



Step into the second homeland

When still in high school in Thai Binh, Ms. Truong Hoang Oanh (currently Deputy Director of the State Bank Branch of Vinh Long Province) heard a lot about the land and the people of Vinh Long through the handwritten letters of her sister who was working at The State Bank of Cuu Long branch (now the State Bank branch of Vinh Long), the land with rivers, gardens, green coconut trees, kind and gentle people.

In 1985, after graduating from high school, Ms. Truong Hoang Oanh followed her sister to Vinh Long to live. Then, Vinh Long which is lying between two branches of Tien Giang River, Hau Giang River (the new name of Mekong River when entering Vietnam), gentle all year round, with fresh water, immense rice fields grabbed Hoang Oanh. She continued to study professionally and then entered the banking industry to work until now.

"Having 34 years of working and setting up a career in the second hometown - Vinh Long" - Ms. Truong Hoang Oanh recalled: "I was not born in Long Ho district, but throughout my childhood I was attached to this countryside. Long Ho's rice and water have raised me, and the roof of Long Ho school has trained me to grow up.

"This is the second hometown and will be the place I devote my whole life" - Mr. Pham Cong Toan - Director of the Center for Culture, Information and Sports of Long Ho district shared. There were many people from Thai Binh working in Cuu Long province. These people were cadres who fought in B battle field; after the liberation day they stayed to take over and participate in the local government.

After the South was completely liberated, Mr. Pham Cong Doan (Pham Cong Toan's father) - formerly a high school teacher in Hung Ha district, Thai Binh province was assigned to be the Head of Education and Training Department of Long Ho district, then the Deputy Head of the District Party Committee Propaganda and Director of the Long Ho District Party School. After a few years’ working, Mr. Doan asked to move to his hometown in Thai Binh, but at this time, Mr. Ho Minh Man - former Secretary of the Long Ho District Party Committee - advised Mr. Doan to move his family to the South. This is because in 1978, Long Ho did not have personnel to assume the leadership position in education. So in 1979, Mr. Doan's wife brought his son (Pham Cong Toan) to visit his father and continued to study in grade 3, then the whole family moved to Vinh Long and chose the land of Long Ho to settle down until now. Growing up and working in Long Ho district, Pham Cong Toan is also very proud because Long Ho district is the hometown of the late Chairman of the Council of Ministers Pham Hung.

Always think of the ancestral land

As a young volunteer, after 4 years to help Laos build a traffic project, Mr. Tran Tien Khanh (born 1956) from Minh Hoa commune, Hung Ha district (Thai Binh) returned to teach at the School of Mechanics No 1 in Ba Vi district, Ha Tay province (now in Hanoi capital).

Through exchanging letters with acquaintances, in 1982, Mr. Khanh decided to go to Vinh Long to set up a business and then took his wife and children there to live. After 7 years working in the Transport Department of Long Ho district, Mr Khanh felt that the country was transformed into a new reform line, in which the economic development of many sectors was promoted, the private economy was encouraged by the State. The transport industry had a policy of opening up trucks and passenger cars. Realizing the opportunity to establish a career in the immediate future, Mr. Tran Tien Khanh resigned and began his business with passenger and cargo vehicles with the fixed route Long Ho - Vinh Long.

"This is both a change of perception and a daring business decision at that time" - Mr. Pham Cong Toan commented on Mr. Tran Tien Khanh.

At the beginning of his business, many difficulties arose, partly because the State management mechanism was still bound by many constraints, not clear. Due to lack of business experience, his business faced many difficulties, even failed. But Khanh did not step back.

Thanks to a motor vehicle's license and a reputable business, Khanh had more and more big customers. With favorable work, he has the opportunity to take care of his children’s schooling. Currently, he has built a spacious house with full amenities, with 2 trucks of 2.5 tons and 3.5 tons operated by him and his eldest son, carrying goods from Vinh Long City to Long Ho and surrounding places. And his young son is working as a tour guide in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Tran Tien Khanh also said that when he first came here, Long Ho district as well as Vinh Long province still had many difficulties in both travel and life conditions (salary was just over 30,000 VND / month) but the climate was very favorable. Thai Binh land is surrounded by sea and rivers, given a charming landscape by nature; people are honest, simple, and live optimistically. Living in the South for many years, Khanh's family always remembers the homeland. Occasionally, relatives from the home village send his family home dishes such as cakes, tapioca flour...
"If Vinh Long is the place where I dedicate and work and develop my career, Thai Binh hometown is the source, the place where I was born and sticked with during my childhood years, a beautiful student period" – Mrs. Truong Hoang Oanh, Deputy Director of Vinh Long State Bank of Vietnam, confided and reminded.

There have been a series of days following parents to the fields to harvest rice and potatoes. She still remembers the students' years, on the picturesque countryside, children chasing the windy kites, enjoying the melodious kite flute. In the evenings, the whole family ate diner under the moonlight, listening to the sounds of life in the idyllic village. After returning from school in the afternoon, she followed his father to make handicrafts for export ... That very simple image has become an unforgettable memory area for the children of Thai Binh homeland. "It was “5 tons homeland” Thai Binh that gave me the first life lessons, helped me to form my personality" - Ms. Truong Hoang Oanh shared.

In 1977, when he was only 10 years old, Mr. Le Minh Duc - currently Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Binh Tan District People's Committee, followed his father to Vinh Long to live. His father was a officer belonging to category A who was sent to support Vinh Long since 1976.

Mr. Le Minh Duc said: “Although Vinh Long is the second hometown, this is the place where I studied and grew up. My love for both Vinh Long and Thai Binh is very special. Thai Binh is the ancestral land; my love for the Thai Binh people is like for my family.


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